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Ridding my life of clutter and saving some money too

While my husband and I are away on vacation a neighbor watches our cats for us and kindly piles mail on our dining room table for us to sort when we return. This time among the usual junk mail and bills were nine catalogs. Nine catalogs arrived in less than fourteen days time.

After we got home from vacation I made a point to count all of the catalogs that come in the mail. And in the past eighteen days another twenty-four have arrived. Most of the catalogs are from stores I’ve never ordered from, some are addressed to individuals who no longer live in our house, others arrive for my husband’s grandparents who have long since passed away.

I have to admit that I can be quite the sucker for catalogs. They arrive at the door and I half-heartedly look through them when I get home from work or before I head off to bed. I also admit that I have purchased an item or two from companies I would never have considered buying from had the glossy pictures not peaked my interest.

But this year I decided to save both the earth and my money by calling the number on the back of each and every single catalog and asking to have my name removed from their mailing list. So far I have called or emailed twenty-five different companies.

I have also visited the Direct Marketing Association at Their website enables consumers to stop unwanted mailings from DMA members. You pay $1 to have your name placed on a ‘do not mail’ list. This won’t stop all mailings but it should decrease the amount of mail we receive significantly over the next two to three months.

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