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So Proud of My Coupon Savings…

With the help of some weekly coupons and the Rite Aid circular I managed to save $14.98 on a purchase that would have otherwise cost $24.84. That’s over 60% saved!

I bought personal care products, dishwasher detergent, and plastic sandwich bags. On any other day of the week the total would have been $24.84, but each item I purchased was already on sale, automatically saving me $6.88. Add to that a total of $4.50 in coupon savings from the Rite Aid circular and the Washington Post, plus $3.50 in Single Check Rite Aid Rebates. Leaving my grand total at only: $9.96. (not including tax)

I’m usually good about clipping coupons, but more often than not I allow them to expire before using them. I guess I just haven’t found a good way to organize them in such a way that I can find the ones I’m looking for when I head out to the store.

This time I actually attempted to organize my trip before I ever left home. I circled all of the items in the Rite Aid sales ad and cut out all the coupons I could find associated with the sale items. By the time I arrived in Rite Aid I knew exactly what I was looking for, but I did get distracted by signs for the Rite Aid Single Check Rebates. Next time I’ll have to remember to look at the available rebates before heading out to the store.

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