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Would You Do This… To Save Money?

The other day I was in Rite-Aid purchasing some sale items listed in the weekly circular. While I was in the cereal isle I noticed a woman pulling each box of Special K off the shelf, looking at the front of the box, flipping the box to look at the back, and then placing the box back on the shelf. She didn’t just do this for the first box… she did it for just about every box on the shelf.

At first, I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was doing. I thought she might have been looking for a box containing a particular toy or game. Sometimes cereal manufacturer’s give away toys when you mail in the original sales receipt and UPC symbols. Last summer Kellogg’s gave away DVDs with the purchase of Raisin Bran cereal. My dad ordered three movies, which meant my mom ate a heck of a lot of Raisin Bran last year.

I don’t like to be nosy so I grabbed my two boxes of cereal and walked on to the next isle. I spent the next few minutes shopping for other sale items in the store. The last item took me back past the cereal isle. As I passed through I noticed the woman was still in the store, still in the cereal isle, and still looking at the front and back of each box. But this time as she was pulling the cereal boxes off the shelf I noticed she had a stack of red coupons in her left hand. Apparently, Kellogg’s had sealed a coupon to the front of certain boxes of Special K cereal. The woman was browsing through the cereal boxes in search of those coupons. When she found one she peeled it right off the front of the box. I can only assume she was gathering the coupons for use at some future point in time: Special K cereal was not on sale that day.

This reminded me of the time a couple came over to visit my mom and dad. While my parent’s were talking in the living room, my mom’s friend went into the kitchen, pulled a pair of scissors from her purse and proceeded to cut coupons out of cereal boxes in my mom’s pantry. My mom found holes in the cereal boxes at breakfast the next morning. My mom, (in truest form), wasn’t upset that her friend had cut out the coupons. In fact, had her friend asked permission my mom would have been happy to give them to her. It was the fact, that her friend came into the kitchen, opened the pantry, and clipped coupons without asking. My mom later asked, is my friendship worth less, then a couple of coupons?

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