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My eBay Tally

In a little over 45 days I sold fourteen items on eBay for a total of $162.49. From that total eBay took $16.45 in miscellaneous fees and PayPal charged me an additional $10.19. So when all was said and done I brought home $135.85 of the $162.49 total. Unfortunately, my smallest eBay sales resulted in eBay’s largest profits. That’s just the nature of the beast. eBay charges a $.20 listing fee on a $.99 item, so if buyers don’t bid up the price you’re losing 20% of already piddly profits. Based on this fact I’m not certain I’ll try to sell inexpensive items on eBay again. It just doesn’t seem worth the time and effort.

On one hand I was a bit surprised to discover that eBay took over 10% of my profits. On the other I was happy to have dabbled in the world of online auctions. After all, normally I would have donated everything to charity for free. I still had a few bags for the donation center but having an additional $135.85 at the end of the day isn’t too shabby either.

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