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My Cod Liver Oil Cure

With my grandmother’s urging I headed out this week in search of cod liver oil. I don’t know if the claims are true but cod liver oil seems to be the cure for quite a few ailments including arthritis and muscle pain. (Of course, I also found negative articles including cases of vitamin toxicity.)

The average small bottle of oil cost $6.00 – $8.00. But thanks to Elizabeth’s comment on a previous post I decided to spend the extra money on lemon flavored cod liver oil, which is much more palatable.

I found an 8.4 ounce bottle of the good stuff for $14.19 at MOM’s (My Organic Market). There are a number of MOM’s stores around the Washington, DC area. I also found the product online at the Vitamin Shoppe for $10.54 plus $2.99 shipping.

Even though it’s lemon flavored, cod liver oil still isn’t the most pleasant substance to suck down in the morning. I found it’s easiest to take a spoon full in between spoonfuls of yogurt.

There are 50 servings in a bottle, so in a little less than two months I should have an indication of whether or not it’s easing my symptoms. I’ll write a follow up post when I finish the bottle.

Thanks for all of your comments on the previous post and your support.

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