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Retail Price Fluctuations Infuriate Me

The one thing I hate about the holiday season is the constant fluctuation in prices at retail stores. One day an item might be 20% off, the next day it’s full price, three days later the price is knocked down by $20. It’s nearly impossible to decide which day to buy.

On Cyber Monday I decided to buy some pants from Ann Taylor Loft. The website was offering 20% off plus free shipping. So I poked around the site and decided on a pair of corduroys. I purchased the pants for $54 plus 20% off. A total of $43.20. I liked the pants so much that I popped back onto the site a few days later to purchase another pair. To my surprise I found Ann Taylor had adjusted the price from $54 to $34.99.

That’s frustrating in and of itself, but the kicker is this, the pants aren’t just $8.21 cheaper. With a special promotion code I can actually purchase the pants online today for $34.99 plus 20% off, which means I can pay as little as $27.99. The difference between what I paid and today’s price is $15.21.

Ann Taylor does have a price adjustment policy. If you contact them within 14 days they will adjust the price of merchandise purchased at full-price, which has been marked down for the first time. But they will not offer a price adjustment on any items purchased with special promotions including %’s off. So my purchase is not eligible for adjustment.

So I am faced with a decision. Do I keep the pants and suck up the $15 difference? Do I return the pants out of spite for Ann Taylor’s return policy? Or do I return the pants I bought on Cyber Monday and purchase the pants again online at the cheaper price?

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