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Let’s Try to Save a Little Money

On the way home from the beach my husband asked what I wanted for dinner. I suggested we order pizza. To that response, he paused and said, “Let’s try to save a little money. How about we eat something we’ve already paid for?”

He knows we have a ton of chicken in the freezer and food on all of the pantry shelves. I was hoping for the lazy girl’s approach to a Monday night dinner. He was hoping for the frugal guy’s approach.

So we defrosted a package of chicken, mixed a green salad, threw some corn in the kettle, and added some baked potatoes. We grilled dinner in roughly 15 minutes, set the table, and sat down to eat.

I’m glad he convinced us to not to order out. We prepared the food in less time than it would have taken us to order and pick up the pizza and we ate a healthier meal. There’s definitely value in being married. If my husband hadn’t convinced me to cook dinner I most certainly would have ordered take out.

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