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Evaluating Someone’s Net Worth

There is definitely a distorted view of wealth in this world. Over the weekend a bunch of us were talking about a mutual friend who owns a 10,000 square foot home and drives a Mercedes. After talking about all of the things that our friend owned a whole bunch of folks commented on his wealth. One friend said, “He must have a ton of money, his house is huge.” In response my husband piped up and said, “If he has so much money than why does he work 60 hours a week.”

Now don’t get me wrong. My husband and I know a couple of people that work a lot despite having a ton of money, but those folks work for themselves or as presidents of small companies. The wealthy individuals we know don’t work 60 hours a week, at a job they don’t particularly enjoy, for someone else.

Later that night my husband asked what I thought of the conversation. I told him I thought it was funny how our friends assumed someone had a lot of money just because they own a big home and a fancy car. Even after all of the financial turmoil in the markets and all of the talk of people losing homes they can’t afford, our friends still think you can judge a person’s wealth by the cars they drive and the homes they occupy.

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