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$1200 For Something I Truly Love

Although I dread the cold, I have decided that winter may just be my very favorite time of year. With the start of the winter season comes the start of NCAA basketball and I am an enormous fan of the sport. I didn’t play basketball while I was in college, but I did stand in a number of long lines waiting for tickets to watch our team play. After college, my in-laws, (who weren’t yet my in-laws), often provided me with tickets. The more I watched, the more addicted I became. A couple of co-workers, one a Duke fan and one a UNC fan further ignited my passion for the sport. While our male counterparts couldn’t care less about college basketball, my two female coworkers and I gabbed about it for weeks and months on end.

I hold a very special place for my alma mater in my heart. I met my husband and some of my nearest and dearest friends there, so I began donating money back to the University in the same year that I graduated. After nearly ten years of donations I have finally donated enough money to attain two tickets to watch men’s hoops. In addition to our yearly donations, my husband and I paid roughly $1200 for two tickets this season.

For the last few years my husband and I have purchased season basketball tickets from my in-laws. My in-laws purchase six tickets from the University and we purchase three of those six from them. My husband graciously allows me to split the third ticket in our set with my father and brother and I absolutely love watching the games with them. My brother and I aren’t at all alike. We don’t have much in common and our temperaments and personalities are polar opposites, but watching basketball together it seems we have everything in common. For those two hours we can scream and yell and cheer and clap at all of the same moments and all of the same plays.

We had an extra ticket for the first game of the season and my mom and dad drove down to watch the game together with us on Saturday. My mom is still learning the rules of the game but she gets just as excited, if not more excited, than the rest of us when our team scores. I love explaining the rules of the game to her and I love watching her excitement when our team shines.

Although there are a million ways I’d love to spend our money, I cannot imagine a better way to spend $1200. What could be better than enjoying the game I love with the people I love.

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