$15 for Five New Strands of LED Christmas Lights

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I’ve been eyeing new Christmas lights for the last few years. I love the energy efficiency of LEDs, but I couldn’t bear the idea of throwing away perfectly good incandescent ones. I tried to donate our old lights but I couldn’t find a donation center willing to take them. It turns out that Christmas lights are synonymous with household fires and the centers didn’t want to take on the risk of selling them to anyone. So every time my husband and I passed by Christmas displays I’d point out the LED version and say “one day we need to make the switch.”

Well that time has finally come. It turns out that Home Depot is holding a Christmas Light Trade-In now through November 15th. If you take in your old, incandescent strands they’ll take $3 off your next purchase of LED lights (up to five strands).

At my local Home Depot the customer service representative told me to take the old Christmas lights up to the register along with the new lights I wanted to purchase. The cashier counted each incandescent strand, (five in total), and deducted $3 from each of the five boxes I purchased. Just like that I walked out of Home Depot with brand new LED Christmas lights and managed to send my old ones off to be recycled. Each box was less than $3.

I know some people are skeptical of whether or not companies actually recycle, but here are the details according to the Home Depot ad:

How Lights Are Recycled:
The light bulb coupler and the socket plug are manually clipped. Three byproducts result and four categories of raw materials. Each byproduct is independently shredded for separation, returning glass HDPE plastics, and non-ferrous copper as well as ferrous steel. The prepared separated raw materials are then sent to licensed smelters for re-casting or re-molding, all in accordance with local, state and Federal statutes.

I’m really happy my husband and I made the switch.

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