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A Spend, Spend, Spend Frame of Mind

I typically concentrate on a million and one ways to save money, but lately I’ve found myself in a spend, spend, spend frame of mind. After nearly nine years of living in a sixty year old house, with sixty year old bathrooms I really want to remodel.

We have old-school bathrooms, you know the kind with tiny tiles on the floors and mid-sized tiles half-way up the walls and all around the shower. To be perfectly honest the bathrooms have never looked clean. Even when we first moved in there was a certain amount of dirt and sediment in between the cracks that I just couldn’t scrub away.

Now here we are nearly nine years later and I’m afraid to say the bathrooms are an absolute mess. While I clean the rest of the house from top to bottom I absolutely hate cleaning in between those tiny tiles. I hate it so much that I’ve practically stopped cleaning them all together.

I either need to bring in a cleaning service to fix the problem or simply remodel the bathrooms. We really don’t have the money to spend on a remodel at this exact moment in time. We spent quite a lot of money at the end of last year between the holidays, vacations and refinancing our mortgage, so I know I really need to buckle down and focus on building back my little nest egg.

I wonder if the mere fact that I shouldn’t spend any money is what’s driving me to want to spend. I know at the end of the day I should buy a whole bunch of vinegar and just spray down the showers. I know that I should dedicate a few hours to cleaning out the grout work. I know that I should do all of these things, but regardless of what I should be doing I’m still in a spend, spend, spend frame of mind.

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