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A List of Things I Find Myself Drawn Towards

Do you ever find yourself in a store staring at something and thinking, “why am I looking at this? I must have three others like it at home.” I don’t shop very often, but when I do head to the store I often find myself purchasing the same items over and over. The swimsuits I mentioned on Saturday are a perfect example.

Over the years the ‘it’ item changes, but no matter the date or time there always seems to be at least one thing that tempts me to spend.

Here are just a few of the items that have filled my shopping carts over the years:

  • Magazines (primarily food and health)
  • Cards (particularly thank you cards, but also birthday and special occasions)
  • Serveware (pretty platters and large serving bowls)
  • Beach themed items (cause I’m always looking for decorations for our second home)
  • Earrings (dangly and brightly colored)
  • Swimsuits (bright and summery)

As I generated this list I couldn’t help but notice the impact of these purchases on others.

  • Magazines (My husband and I often cook meals together based on recipes I find.)
  • Cards (I send the cards to guests of our beach home and to friends and family.)
  • Serveware (I use these for every special occasion and get-together in our home.)
  • Beach themed items (Cause I love knowing that a guest is enjoying their stay in NC.)
  • Earrings (Cause my grandmother and mother always wear earrings and they always comment on the ones I buy.)
  • Swimsuits (My family and I spend a lot of time in NC swimming together.)

I never realized how many of these purchases are actually focused on enjoying time together with others. Before I created this list I thought the purchases were all thoughtless and unnecessary. While the items may in fact be unneeded, I’m surprised to find a pattern among them. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

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