For the first time ever I managed to save more on groceries this month than I spent. I spent a total of $136.73 and saved over $170.11! I stocked up on yogurt, cheese, tomatoes, chicken, pasta, frozen veggies, olive oil, rice, Kashi cereal and hot sauce. I also bought a bunch of fresh produce including Earthbound farms lettuce and other salad fixings.

I went to the grocery store a total of four times, including two trips to Harris Teeter and two trips to Giant. I couldn’t resist Harris Teeter’s triple coupon sale and headed out to the grocery store with exactly twenty coupons in hand. (The store will only triple the first twenty coupons you bring in.) The total for my first trip was $91.27 before coupons and only $28.62 after coupons and sales. I would’ve saved even more money, but I couldn’t resist buying vegetarian sushi, pickles and two loaves of bread. Those four items alone accounted for nearly half the total, because they weren’t on sale and I didn’t have any coupons for them.

A few days later I forgot my lunch and decided to head back to Harris Teeter for something healthy to eat. After making a salad and picking up a half sub I decided to rifle back through my coupons and picked up another seven items for less than $2.

I also fared really well at Giant this month. I paired store coupons with a buy-one-get-one chicken sale and bought eight packs of chicken and a bottle of salad dressing for only $6.60! The total before sales and coupons was $47.21. The following week I bought a ton of organic items sold under the Nature’s Promise brand. The list included beans, chicken and even cookies, which were all on sale and printed out a $3 coupon for every purchase over $15.

I can’t believe how much I saved at the grocery store this month! It didn’t even take a ton of effort. I just googled for coupon advice on the Harris Teeter triple coupon sale, printed out the suggested list, matched it to my coupons and headed for the store. I don’t expect to save this much every month, but this month it sure feels good to save.