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A Follow Up on the Coupon Troubles

So I went back to the store I mentioned in Tuesday’s post in order to pick up a prescription. While I was waiting for it to be filled I wandered the isles. As I was poking around I noticed that the store clerk from my recent checkout was stocking the shelf right beside me.

I walked right over to her and told her that I was sorry for any confusion my coupons might have caused earlier in the week. I really don’t like confrontation, so I smiled and told her that I brought a copy of the store’s policy that she could take a look at.

I didn’t intend to show it to her, (I printed it out so I could keep a copy with me in case future issues arose), but since she was standing right there and I felt really awful about the last incident I figured I’d just talk to her about it.

To my surprise she looked over the policy and told me that she was not familiar with the buy-one-get-one free rules stated in it. She also told me that the store manager asked all cashiers to a team meeting so that they could discuss the store policies and rules around coupon use.

During Tuesday’s incident the manager mentioned the need to review the store’s policies. Apparently that same manager scheduled a meeting for all employees an hour after my transaction. The cashier, (I found out her name is Maria), believes that meeting was a direct reaction to my experience at the register.

She said management wants to make certain that all employees know what to do when a customer presents coupons as a form of payment.

I’m taking that as a positive sign.

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