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Did I Say I Wouldn’t Stock Up on Diapers?

I didn’t intend to stock up on diapers so quickly, but the truth is that recent sales have been too good to resist. Between Rite Aid and CVS I’ve been able to acquire twelve packages in the last two months for less than $1 each.

Every time I visited a Rite Aid store in the last month or so my receipt has included details for completing an online survey that earns me $3 off a $15 purchase. I’ve used that in combination with sales and coupons on diapers and other products to attain all of these packages for just a few cents each.

Although I truly appreciate the comments from readers who suggested that I not stock up too much on one particular brand, you can see that all of the diapers are either Huggies or Pampers. The truth is these were the diapers with the best deals. I figured if my little one doesn’t respond well to either one I’ll simply donate them to a local shelter. I’ve been searching for deals on other brands my readers suggested, but I simply can’t find bargains as good as these.

I’m not sure how many more packs I’ll buy. Since this is my first child I have no idea how many diapers he or she will actually use. I primarily purchased size 1s, just a couple of 2s and in a few rare instances when the store was out of those sizes I purchased size 3s. I also bought a package or two of newborn sizes, though I have a feeling our little one wouldn’t be in such a tiny size for very long.

I have a few more months until the little one arrives, so if I continue to find bargains this good I’ll probably buy a few more packages along the way. I’ve been very superstitious about purchasing items for the baby thus far, so even bringing these into the house felt like a very big deal.

My husband and I recently took a trip to Babies-R-Us just to look at what’s available and I was shocked by the prices of things! I figure it can’t hurt to try to save money when we can where we can, and as I said before if worse comes to worse and a particular brand doesn’t work for us I’ll feel good about donating them.

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