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A $3000 Baby Registry!

Yesterday my husband and I decided to head to the store to start a baby registry. Being both a minimalist and unbelievably frugal I could not believe the prices of the items I saw. How can something so tiny require items that cost so much?

Despite my price shock we walked around the store with one of those little scanners and walked out an hour and a half later with over $3,000 worth of baby stuff on our registry. The big ticket items included the crib, two dressers, a stroller and the most comfortable glider I’ve ever sat in. We created the list more for ourselves than for anyone else. It’s a good way to walk around and think about all of the things we should buy before the little one arrives.

In my mind the most important things are the crib and car seat. Everything else seems like it’s not so necessary, at least not right off the bat. I want to purchase an organic mattress, which costs a lot more than a standard one. I’d also like to focus on organic sheets and other bedding material.

We registered for typical items like bouncy seats, baby carriers and play yards. I took the advice of my readers and didn’t include diapers or baby clothes, since almost everyone said I’d receive a ton of that stuff anyway. In terms of cost I included a number of fairly inexpensive items. It’s actually pretty crazy to look at the list, items range from $2.99 to $500.

I’m not certain that we’ll purchase the dressers from the store where we registered. They were unbelievably expensive and at the end of the day I’m not sure they are worth the money. I have a feeling we can purchase quality furniture for a lot less somewhere else.

When we walked out of the store my husband and I looked at one another and said, ‘things are about to change.’ I’m definitely a bit OCD when it comes to clutter in the house and looking at all of the baby items I realized we’ll have a lot more stuff laying around.

So I’m off to prune the list to ensure we included everything I think we’ll really need and remove things that aren’t vital. I still can’t believe that we created a baby registry worth $3,000. While some of the organic items cost quite a bit more than the non-organic ones it’s still quite remarkable!

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