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The Best Thing I Spent Money on In a Very Long Time

I can’t sleep. My mind is racing with a million different thoughts. Between trying to find a new doctor, preparing for my soon-to-be job loss, researching and interviewing for new jobs and preparing for the little one my brain has a tough time quieting itself when the nighttime hours arrive.

My to-do list is shrinking, but every time I knock one item off the list I seem to add another. I make a choice and think about moving in one direction and then second guess that decision and start all over.

Add to that the inability to get comfortable as the little one grows inside me and you have a recipe for long nights of tossing and turning. I’m only six and a half months pregnant but it sure is difficult to find that comfortable position and remain in it until the morning comes.

Well, after wrestling with sleepless nights and finding it nearly impossible to get comfortable I caved in and bought myself a snoogle. Well to be honest, my husband picked it up off the rack in Babies-R-Us and started walking to the register before I could put up a fight about purchasing it.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, (I wasn’t before last week), a snoogle is a large body pillow that is absolutely perfect for snuggling. Seriously, I plan to use this thing even after the baby arrives and honestly if I didn’t hug it every night I think my husband would yank it from my arms and use it for himself.

It certainly wasn’t cheap, (and yes in retrospect I could have bought it for less on Amazon), but let me tell you it is worth every penny. Sometimes it’s good to have a spouse who doesn’t mind spending money on the things that matter. While I would have contemplated this purchase for days on end, he purchased it right on the spot without a coupon or looking for a bargain. While I might have been able to save a few dollars by ordering it online I wouldn’t have had been able to use it so quickly.

On the very first night I fell in love with the snoogle. While my sleep still isn’t perfect my overall rest is dramatically different. Thank goodness for my big, new body pillow!

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