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Is A Week’s Worth of Wages Worth A Shorter Vacation?

Last week I wrote about my impending layoff and my thoughts on forgoing a week of vacation so I can receive a week’s worth of wages instead of time off. My employer will pay out any accrued time, so if I don’t spend the time lounging poolside I’ll earn it back in my last paycheck.

When I first thought of this idea it seemed like an absolute no-brainer. After all, I’ll be without work for an indefinite period of time after the layoff. I’m not exactly sure how long I plan to stay home with the little one, but I’m guessing anywhere from six months to a year is a possibility.

On one hand putting that money in the bank seems like a really good idea, on the other hand an extra week at the beach relaxing without a little one around seems like a pretty splendid idea too! After all, this will be the last vacation my husband and I take before the baby arrives so maybe I should just kick back and enjoy the silence and serenity while I can.

My original plan was to take a solid two weeks off this summer, but when the news of the layoff hit I decided to cut my vacation in half. As the week nears I’m reconsidering my options. Is it crazy to work when I’ve already scheduled the time off just so I can earn an extra week of wages?

Hmmm. I really can’t decide what to do on this one. I have a feeling it will come down to a last minute decision.

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