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Searching for Alternative Forms of Income

Since I decided to test the waters as a stay-at-home I thought it would be wise to investigate the money making opportunities that might be available from the comforts of my very own home. In an ideal world I would love to contribute to the family income while still spending the majority of my daytime hours with the little-one-to-be.

To be honest I can’t imagine a world in which I won’t bring home a paycheck every two weeks. I’ve been working since I turned fifteen, (since nine if you count babysitting), so the idea of not bringing in any income is a foreign concept to me.

In an effort to merge the best of both worlds I started investigating a number of career options that might provide me with the ability to work primarily from home. I’ve considered a plethora of ideas including working in real estate, technical recruiting or simply writing software from home. My concerns range from wondering if the income with be steady, will it take away from my family if I am living in my workplace, and how do I file taxes if I am self employed?. Since some of these options may require additional training or certification I’ve also thought of taking a more direct look at alternative sources of income.

Some ideas are certainly easier to implement than others. I can try to increase advertising revenue for my blog, write an eBook or consider direct sales. My mom sold Tupperware in the 80s and I’ve known many friends and coworkers in recent years who have worked for companies like Pampered Chef, Avon and Southern Living.

A couple of my favorite blogs recently hosted giveaways from a site called NOVICA. As an entry into one of the contests I had to search around the site for items I might be interested in purchasing. While I was poking around I noticed they recently started a home party division for those interested in direct sales and I started researching the costs associated with starting a small home based business like this one.

According to the website NOVICA works with National Geographic to give talented artisans around the world a place to express their talents and provide access to the world market. They sell a range of items including women’s accessories, men’s accessories, cufflinks, jewelry and home decor.That seems like an interesting niche for a direct sales company. Many of the others focus exclusively on makeup or jewelry.

I know people who have had amazing success with direct sales and some who haven’t had any success at all. I’m not sure if I’ll pursue this, but I am definitely interested in investigating my options and deciding whether or not it might be the right fit for me.

What are your thoughts on direct sales? Have you ever tried this line of work and if so did you have any success with it? I’d love to hear your suggestions and recommendations.

On one hand I’d love to earn some extra income. On the other hand I’m the type of girl who typically recommends saving not spending money, so I’m not sure how this would fit with my particular personality.

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