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Life Decisions: Change of Career?

As I mentioned in my last post I’ve received a couple of job offers since I found out about my layoff and now the question of the day is whether or not to take them. I’m conflicted on a number of different levels.

On one hand, although I enjoy the challenges of software development I don’t love what I do. Depending on the project the job can be rather isolating. I can literally spend hours typing code into my computer and not talk to anyone all day. Although I’m not an extrovert, I’m by no means the type of girl who likes to spend an entire day without human interaction.

There are other job opportunities in the technology field that would allow me to spend more time communicating with others and I wonder if I shouldn’t travel down that path rather than taking a job doing exactly what I did before.

In terms of dollars and cents I’d certainly earn more money writing software than performing other tasks and responsibilities. The other issue is that once you leave the world of software development it’s difficult to go back to it. The truth is that technology changes very quickly and most people who leave the world of coding don’t return to it. In order to return I’d have to stay up-to-date on recent technologies, which requires a lot of reading and researching outside of work or seeking out extensive training.

So the first question in my mind is: do I continue working as a software developer or do I find a new position in technology that doesn’t involve coding? Unfortunately, the question isn’t that simple. Once I open my mind to that possibility I begin wondering whether or not I should remain in the field of technology. Perhaps I should look for a position doing something completely different. I can’t say what that might be exactly, but the possibilities seem infinite.

Lastly, I wonder if I should return to the working world at all. With the birth of my first child just a few months away I have considered resigning from the corporate world to become a stay-at-home mom.

If I take this option I certainly need to review my financial circumstances in more detail and determine whether or not I can really afford to stay home and if so for how long. I know I can manage six months to a year, but beyond that I haven’t really run the numbers.

In order to make a decision about staying at home I feel it’s best to see how I feel after the first few months of caring for our little one. My heart strings may help me make the decision by pulling me in one direction or another.

In the mean time I’d like to spend some time contemplating the various possibilities. I wonder what makes people switch careers, what forces convince them to change direction?

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