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Stocking the Freezer

In preparation for the chaos that might ensure after the little one arrives I have successfully prepared two enchilada dinners, one large lasagna, three servings of beef chili, four servings of an Indian inspired chicken dish and four servings of cooked/cubed chicken which can be thrown into pasta dishes with little work or effort.

The chest freezer is also stocked with three large prepared pizzas from Costco, which can be loaded with home cooked veggies and pineapple. The pantry is filled with go-to staples like dried pasta and store bought spaghetti sauce. I also purchased a couple of ready-to-eat soups that can be heated straight out of the can or jar.

I bought a few packs of shredded cheese, which can be used to top off the pizzas or added to the lasagna, enchiladas and chili I prepared. I also made certain that we have butter and sour cream on hand, because baked potato night can always be a fall back if everything else fails.

My husband thinks the combination of freezer dinners and pantry staples is probably enough to get us through the first few weeks after the baby arrives. We’ll need to send someone out to the grocery store in search of fresh fruits and veggies, (or dial up Peapod), but I also have a few cans and packages of dried fruit and frozen vegetables on hand.

I also purchased two discounted gift cards to Boston Market and received a gift card to a local Italian restaurant that has killer take out.

I don’t want to over do my preparations, but I also want to make sure that dinner is one of my last concerns. Do you think I have enough on hand or should I prepare a few more make-ahead meals?

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