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One Penny at a Time

My husband and I maintain all of our accounts, (other than my PayPal account), jointly. I originally opened that account solely to buy things on eBay. Shortly after buying things on eBay I started selling things there and the account slowly grew in value. I took a look today and realized the balance reached $4,000.

I wish I’d kept better track of the money that goes into and out of that account. I believe a combination of selling unwanted items, blog advertising and cash back websites helped me reach that happy little number. I also wish I knew how long I’ve been saving in that account. If I had to guess I’d say it was started around 2005 or 2006, but I’m not quite sure.

Going from $0 to $4000 is not too shabby, but I am certainly far from the the fast track. If I opened the account in 2005 it’s taken me seven years to reach this mark. Well, to be fair it may have taken me less time if I used the account solely for saving money. I also make all of my eBay purchases and other online transactions through there.

While I like keeping that little account all to myself, I realize I should probably transfer the money into our savings account. After all, PayPal money doesn’t earn interest, so it’s just sitting idly there.

I think it’s time to dump the money over to our savings account and start back over. I really wanted to hit $5,000 before performing the transfer, but at the rate I’m moving that might take another two years!

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