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What Are Your Favorite Summer Staples?

Every week the BlogHer community sends out a Life Well Lived question. This week they asked What are your favorite summer staples? How do you bring the summer sun to your wardrobe?

The funny thing is that my answer to this question is exactly the same as my answer to the last one. Two simple words: Nail Polish.

Painting my nails is an inexpensive pick-me-up and it always make me feel really good about wearing sandals or going barefoot throughout the summer. At a barbeque this weekend my sister-in-law commented on how great my nails look and asked how I have the time to paint them with a little one crawling around the house.

I told her it’s the one way I treat myself. I wait until my son falls asleep for the night. Then I ask my husband to keep an ear out for him. I head into the living room, grab a big glass of water, turn on the Food Network and paint my toenails.

No matter how stressful the week is I look down at my feet and immediately feel better about things. Some days I can barely find the time to shower, let alone put on a coat of mascara, so this is an important way for me to feel feminine and pretty.

Plus, what says summer more than a beautiful, bright shade of nail polish? Throw in a big sun hat, a sleeveless cotton dress and I’m all set for summer.

I’ve mentioned this before but I buy my nail polish from Zoya. It’s a bit more expensive then other brands but it doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. If you’ve never purchased from Zoya before click on this link, create an account and receive a coupon for a free nail polish. You can find the coupon in the MY PROMOTION CODES tab of your account. If you use that coupon and add two other nail polishes to your order you’ll also earn free shipping!

What about you? What are your favorite summer staples?

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