I’m a huge fan of prepaid credit cards. I know that might sound strange, but I take advantage of just about every good deal out there that offers one. Last year I bought 30 boxes of Raisin Bran free after coupon and received three $10 prepaid credit cards for buying them. (I don’t normally stockpile, but I eat Raisin Bran almost every morning and I gave more than half away to friends and family.)

Why prepaid credit cards? Well I shop online a lot and sometimes I come across a deal that seems to good to be a true on a website that looks a little less than legit. When I buy with a prepaid credit card I never fear that my information will be stolen or my credit lines tapped.

I also use the free prepaid cards (like the ones I earned from my Raisin Bran deal) to stretch our grocery and drugstore deal dollars. I can make that $10 gift card last for weeks at CVS!

Right now American Express is offering a free $10 gift card when you buy and load a prepaid card with $50 or more at the time of order. There’s no credit check and no fear of overspending since you load just as much as you need. There are no monthly, annual, purchase or overdraft fees.

The American Express Prepaid Card. Get exclusive American Express benefits- with no credit check. Get your card now!

Information about the offer: ORDER AN AMERICAN EXPRESS® PREPAID CARD, LOAD $50 OR MORE AT THE TIME OF ORDER, AND RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY $10 GIFT CARD. Offer Ends July 31, 2012. Limit one (1) offer per Card. After qualifying for this offer, please allow 6 weeks for the $10 Gift Card to be mailed to the Card purchaser.