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Where Can I Buy Inexpensive DVDs and Blu-ray Movies?


I like the guests in our beach house to feel at home. While you hope for sunny days every day of the rental season you know that a few rainy days will creep in to someone’s vacation. In an effort to ease the blues that often go along with a gloomy day I’ve stocked two shelves in our living room with DVDs and another four shelves with board games.

Over the years a few of our movies have inadvertently gone missing, but overall most people understand that we leave these out for guests and treat them with care. Still after many summers the DVDs have incurred deep scratches that interfere with their ability to be properly viewed.

I’d like to purchase new DVDs or preferably Blu-ray movies for our guests, but I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to do so. I’ve poked around eBay and even considered driving to a second hand CD/DVD store in our area, but I’m not sure if I’ll find the best prices there.

My husband and I don’t actually buy physical movies to watch at home anymore. We typically rent or buy movies directly from Amazon. In all due honesty I don’t like the clutter of DVD boxes and I’d actually prefer digital media if that’s possible.

We do have a Blu-ray player that is enabled with Amazon at the beach. Renters can watch movies we’ve already purchased, but there are security measures in place to make certain they don’t buy any new ones.

Last year we even maintained a Netflix account for the beach, but the streaming videos simply aren’t as new and up-to-date as the ones you can receive in the mail.

So I’m turning to my helpful readers. Do any of you know where I can buy inexpensive DVDs and Blu-ray movies? (While a few old classics would be nice, I am looking for newer releases.) Also, if you were renting a beach home would you consider the availability of movies important?

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