Before You Apply To Refinance Your Home, Read These Essential Basics

December 2, 2013 at 8:25 AM 1 comment

If you are interested in saving money, you should know that refinancing your home is a great way to cut costs. In fact, refinancing can save you hundreds of pounds each month. However, refinancing is not always easy. To make the process as pain and problem free as possible, remember to make use of these three tips when you begin the process:

1. Be Patient.

While refinancing is a great way to save money, it is not a quick process. Just remember that a few weeks of answering questions and gathering paperwork is well worth the effort. If you plan to refinance adopt an attitude of patience before you even begin the process.

2. Try To Stick With Your Current Provider.

Before searching for other lenders try to refinance with your current provider. Try to get your current lender to provide you with a competitive product. The goal is to refinance while paying as little as possible in closing cost fees. To determine whether refinancing with your current provider will be most economically advantageous for you, get a quote from them and then compare it with that offered by other lenders.

3. Attain Proper Identification.

When refinancing you will be required to present several forms of identification for each borrower. Often, mortgage providers are very picky with respect to the form of identification they will accept. Also some lenders accept documentation that others do not. In many cases, a driver’s license or passport is required along with a recent electricity, gas, or water bill. Credit card bills and bank statements may also be used for proof of residence. However, each financing institution may not accept them. Since this is the case, be sure you understand what identification is required by the mortgage company you work with and have everything prepared so the refinancing process can be handled as seamlessly as possible.

4. Recognise The Sales Strategies Of Banks.

Oftentimes, banks see mortgage and refinance applications as an opportunity to try to offer their customers a lot of extra products and make money off the debt you take out. Some of these extra products include building insurance and mortgage payment protection insurance. Know what you need in advance. This will prevent you from making impulsive or mindless purchases.


As mentioned earlier, refinancing can be a financially prudent decision to make. If you are interested in saving money through refinancing, be sure to implement the tips and tricks listed above. Doing so can help make your refinancing process faster, simpler, and even fun. Good luck!

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