Five Ways to Lower Your Food Budget and Create Savings

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If you are looking for easy ways to save money on a daily budget look no further than your food budget. There are many ways you can trim down the excess fat on your food budget and earn yourself some lean savings. The savings add up every day and every week freeing up a lot of cash you can use for other things. Here are five ways to lower your food budget:

1)    Don’t Pay for Chores – If you really want to save money the best way is to stop paying other people to do things for you. Eat out less. Buy less pre-made and pre-packaged dinner items. Eating at home and preparing meals yourself will cut down your expenses drastically at the expense of 30 minutes of preparation.

2)    Plan Ahead – Simple planning can help you shed some excess off of your budget. First, shop seasonally. Know when the fruits and veggies will be at their cheapest and plan accordingly. Out of season produce can rack up quickly to an expensive bill. Second, plan out your meals ahead of time. If you make weekly shopping trips, plan out your meals so you don’t buy extra food you won’t use or make unnecessary trips to the grocery store. This will also stop you from making impulse buys. Finally, purchase ingredients and meal elements that can be used for multiple meals. This flexibility and re-usability will ensure you don’t waste food.

3)    Know Your Kitchen – Before you go to the grocery store write down what you have in your kitchen. Track your seasonings so you know when you need to buy more. If you have partial meals get creative and combine them to make a whole meal and save yourself from having to buy for yet another dinner. This will also help you plan ahead for your weekly needs.

4)    Buy in Bulk – A mindful shopper will acknowledge the items they buy in bulk. Items you use a lot of over a long duration of time such as grains, seasonings, paper towels, etc you can buy in bulk to cut off some extra expense. If you find something you regularly buy on sale in an ad then stock up on it for the future. Finally, be aware of unit prices. Some basic arithmetic can save you a lot of money and get you the best bang for your buck on any given item based on unit prices. 

5)    Find Alternatives to Expensive Items – The high price items are where your total bill can double and triple quickly if you’re not careful. Finding alternatives to these expensive items, especially meat, can save you boatloads. When you’re cooking make meat into a meal element as opposed to the meal’s focal point. Recipes often call for more meat than is really necessary, and by making sure your meat portion is balanced in proportion to the other elements of your meal you can cut down on the amount of meat you use rapidly. Even look into replacing things like beef with beans and cut out a pricey beef purchase out of a meal entirely.

A savvy shopper can use these tips to neatly halve and quarter their shopping budget. Simply by eating out less, planning your food needs ahead, and basic smart-shopping can lower your food budget without drastic means such as scouring for coupons hours before you go shopping. Fill that empty space in your wallet with easy money saved from intelligent food budgeting. 

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