Not In Colour — Saving Money On Printer Toner

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Saving money, there are fewer things that are more satisfying. Of course there are some things that you need to spend money on, but if you can fulfill a need while saving money? There’s no better feeling. When you have to print everything you type out, the printer and, more specifically, the printer toner, can be a big drain on your wallet. There’s a reason why printers are sold for so cheap: the manufacturers make the money back on the ink or toner. That said, there are ways to keep replenish the printer cartridges while saving money.

Here are five tips to do just that:

Be smart about your printing

When you do not need a perfect copy or print, set your printer setting to “draft”. This uses less ink than a normal setting. Along the same lines, print in black and white when color isn’t necessary. Color toner is usually more expensive than black and white toner.

Buy third party

Manufacturers like to state that, for the best results, only use their own branded ink or toner. While in some circumstances this may be true, the difference between printer toner from the same manufacturer and a third party is often negligible. Unless you need the highest quality prints every time, you’re better off with a less expensive, third-party toner.

Sell or recycle your empties

Once your printer cartridge is empty, it may be tempting to throw it away. Don’t! Not only does this add waste to the landfill, but you could be losing money. Many retail stores offer a store credit if you bring in your empty ink or toner cartridge. If you do not have a store around you that offers this, there are many online services that do the same thing.

Double check before you print

While this may seem like basic advice, you’d be surprised at how many people forget to check for spelling errors or fix the red eye in photos before they print. Simply by reading back over what you’ve typed, you may find yourself saving quite a bit of money — on both ink and paper — by eliminating unnecessary printing. And if you already do this, great! You’re already a step ahead.


Granted this suggestion is for those who don’t mind a little squinting when printing documents, but if so you can save quite a bit of ink or toner. N-up is printing more than one page on one sheet of paper. Once you click print and the print dialogue box pops up, click the properties button. You should see a “layout” or “finishing” tab to the left. Select it, then look for a “pages per sheet” option. This lets you specify how many pages you want to print out on one sheet of paper. Unless you have extremely keen eyesight, you shouldn’t set more this at more than four pages per sheet. Anything above that and you’re going to have a hard time reading anything.

Some of these suggestions may be simple, and some you may not use. However, even if only one of these apply to you, you’ll still save yourself printer toner, and, in the long run, money.

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