7 Charities That Need Your Help Today

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Often it seems that a small handful of charities receive the lion’s share of attention. More popular organizations like Make a Wish and UNICEF take in millions of dollars in donations every year, and while their messages and actions are certainly heartwarming and beneficial, there are thousands of other charitable groups eager to do good but desperate for resources. This year, instead of contributing to a well-known charity, you should consider donating to any of the following seven underrated nonprofit organizations.

1. Global Links

Though health care systems might be in turmoil, hospitals and health care facilities in the wealthy West are rarely wanting for essential medical supplies; in fact, a good amount of medical necessities are thrown out every day. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for developing nations, where health care professionals are in dire need of nearly every medical resource. Global Links works to bring health to all and make health care organizations more sustainable by taking in unused supplies destined for landfills and providing them to needy communities. As an individual, you can donate money or gently used medical supplies like canes or wheelchairs, and if you work for a health care facility, you can partner with Global Links for even greater good.

2. Kids in Distressed Situations

Kids in Distressed Situations (or K.I.D.S.) is devoted to improving the lives of children around the world by connecting retailers and manufacturers with children in need. The charity works to distribute clothing, toys, furniture, books, and other kid’s items to those affected by tragedy of poverty, and it is remarkably efficient at doing so: More than 97 percent of its donations have directly benefited troubled children. You can help K.I.D.S. by making individual donations of money and items or by partnering your kid-specific business with the organization.

3. Boat Angel

Boat Angel is a charity that eagerly accepts donations of unwanted boats, as well as jet skis and cars. The organization reconditions the vehicles and sells them in auctions, donating the proceeds to various good causes. This nonprofit organization is diverse in its good works, but generally it focuses on organizing children’s programs teaching the importance of leading drug-free and crime-free lives. Helping Boat Angel is incredibly mutually beneficial if you have an ignored, old vehicle because your contribution creates a sizeable tax deduction.

4. Adopt a Classroom

Unlike other education programs that help kids learn, Adopt a Classroom indirectly benefits needy children by helping teachers and schools afford supplies. Around the country, K-12 public schools are underfunded, resulting in educators spending personal funds to help their students, and this organization hopes to ease their burden with charitable contributions. Your donations can be targeted to benefit specific programs, such as the arts or STEM, or you can ensure your contributions affect your local schools.

5. Books for Africa

According to USAID, roughly 40 percent of children in Africa do not attend school, and of those who do, many are forced to share textbooks and other supplies. Books for Africa aims to end book scarcity around the continent by supplementing collections in school libraries, community resource centers, orphanages, and more. By donating to Books for Africa, you are increasing opportunities for African kids and adults to learn and helping African communities grow and become self-sustainable.

6. National Alliance to End Homelessness

The National Alliance to End Homelessness knows that homelessness isn’t merely a result of laziness; complex social and economic systems that perpetuate poverty and punish disability creates the homelessness problem. Yet, the solution to homelessness is simple in concept, if not in execution: The homeless need housing, and donations to this charity can help them find warm, stable places to live. Your donations will help the Alliance effect permanent change, through both emergency re-housing and community-building endeavors.

7. Animal Rescue Corps

While millions of animals wait to be adopted in shelters around the country, millions more are being thoroughly mistreated by careless and cruel owners. Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) is dedicated to improving animals’ lives in many ways: by rescuing animals from abuse and natural disasters, by increasing awareness of animal suffering, and by training shelters and professionals in proper treatment of animals. If you love your furry friends, you can donate to this charitable organization to help others like them.

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