This One Investment Saved Us Money on Family Vacations

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My family and I love taking family vacations every year, but the costs are really starting to add up. With a quick look over my budget, I could see that we were spending close to $1,000 per person for hotel, flight, rental car, food, and entertainment. Although I would never put a price tag on my family’s happiness, I realized that we had to find a way to vacation without spending so much money.

I’d heard of things like booking in advance, traveling during the off season, booking package deals, and other basic tips on how to save on vacation, but even with these tips, we were spending a lot more money than we wanted to.

Ways Recreational Vehicles Save Money

Talking to some friends of mine who seem to always be on the road, we found out that renting or RV financing could save us quite a bit.

Cheaper Than Flying

In 2016, the average cost of an airline ticket was $340 per person (this is not including fees). A small recreational vehicle, however, would cost an average of $0.96 per mile. With these numbers, our family could travel 500 miles and still save more than the cost of airline travel for a family of four.

 No Need for a Hotel

A recreational vehicle is like a house on wheels. Depending on the size of the camper you invest in, your family could sleep while on the road. The average cost of a hotel stay in the US is $121 per night while the average cost of a campground fee is only $25 per night. This allowed us to save about $96 per night on sleeping accommodations.

Cook-in Instead of Eating Out

Of course, there are condos and hotel rooms with kitchenettes; however, they cost even more to book per night. With a recreational vehicle, however, the kitchen is wherever you are at no additional cost. Instead of going out to eat every night, which for a family of four could be an upwards of $60 per night, we went grocery shopping and spent about $150 for the week. This saved another $150 on a five-day vacation.

Factors to Consider When Investing in an RV to Save Money

As you can see, renting or financing a recreational vehicle can save a family of four on a five-day vacation approximately 30-40%. The money you save on basic expenditures like transportation, hotel stays, and dining out can go towards having more fun with the kids. If you’re thinking of investing in a recreational vehicle for your next family vacation, you’ll want to keep a few factors in mind:

  • Size – You want something big enough to accommodate your family.
  • Fuel-efficiency – Choose an RV that is good on fuel or else you could end up spending your savings in the gas tank.
  • New vs. Used – You don’t have to gut out on a new RV. You can buy a used RV with few miles on it for increased savings.

Don’t let the high cost of traveling keep you and your family from enjoying your down time. If you’ve tried traditional methods for planning a family vacation on a budget to no avail, you might consider invest in a recreational vehicle. As a “house on wheels” you’ve literally got everything you need on the road with you. You’ll have so much fun meeting other families on the road, charting new territory, and of course creating fun-filled family memories.

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