What Can You Do With Disposable Income?

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Having disposable income seems like a great advantage in life, but many people struggle to make the most of it, and end up frittering it away. There are, in fact, many options out there for those who have a regular surplus of money to potentially turn it into an effective form of making more money. Here are some of the options.


Trading has become incredibly popular in recent years, perhaps because accessing global markets has never been easier for individuals. With so many different options to choose from, you can invest your money in markets which you think might be the most profitable.

It will take dedication to learn the necessary trade strategies which are necessary to become successful, but professional traders have been known to take home millions. You could, for example, trade currency on the forex market, which is nonstop and volatile in nature, or invest in gold, which is a known to be steadier and safer. Whichever market you choose, trading can be an exciting way to increase your income.


For those who want a simple, risk averse option for investing disposable income, opening a savings account could be the answer. Setting aside some money each month is a great way of building capital for a future investment, such as a deposit for a house or a new car.

There are many different savings to choose from nowadays, so look around online to find one with the best interest rate and conditions for your budget. ISAs are one effective method of earning tax free interest, as long as the interest rate is decent.

Invest in a Business

This is probably one of the most difficult options, but could be worth consideration. If you have enough disposable income or savings, you could use it to start your own business. The cost of this will vary widely depending on the business itself, but successful entrepreneurs have been known to sell their enterprises for millions further down the line.

You could also invest in someone else’s business, either individually or through a venture capital fund. This would reduce some of the risk yet still prove to be a good investment if the business is successful.

These are just some of the ways you can be more creative with your disposable income, and you should do some more research to find out which options could be the most lucrative/useful to you. Everyone is different, so do not be afraid to explore some of the more unusual options if you believe they will work.

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