Cost-Effective Approaches to Entertainment and Other Forms of Enjoyment

July 26, 2017 at 9:39 AM 1 comment

If your budget is tight and you really don’t want to spend excessively on an evening out, or even your vacation, there are many things you can still do, with little or no out-of-pocket expense.

Community calendar

If you’re like many people, you are trying to budget and spend each dollar wisely. The good news is that you can still enjoy doing things while you get your finances under control. You can go online to your town or city and pull up their calendar of upcoming events. Most of them are free and even the ones that cost money to attend are generally just a few dollars. You can plan a day trip to your community pool or the local beach, visit the library or museums, pack up a picnic lunch and grab a radio, a blanket and sunscreen, and enjoy a relaxing day at a park. Many communities also hold concerts at parks a few times throughout the year.

Date night or family night at home

Instead of spending a lot of money for an expensive dinner out for a date night with your spouse or a family outing at the local restaurant, opt to stay home. You can plan a dinner, include all your little helpers and do it together. After you enjoy your meal, you can play some board games or host a movie night from the comfort of your home. Many cable companies like DIRECTV have a wide range of movies and events that you can enjoy commercial free. You can select from one of the many DIRECTV packages that suit your personal needs. Many also have music channels that you can use as a background for your romantic dinner for two.

Stay vacations

With tight pockets and the need for relaxation, many families are now opting to have Stay Vacations. This gives you a way to enjoy your time off without racking up a lot of expenses. You can do small things around town like going to the movies, a water or amusement park, bowling and other local attractions without the large hotel and travel expense. Plus, as an added bonus you don’t have to pack. If you want to make this experience seem like a vacation, you should clean your home ahead of time and plan something to do for each day, just as you would if you weren’t at home. These types of vacations are becoming popular because they cost a lot less and you don’t lose a day to packing and possible flight delays.

Investing in a motor home

If you would rather escape the confines of your home and experience new things in other states, purchasing a motor home may be a wise investment. It eliminates the need for a hotel, which can be one of the biggest traveling expenses, and it also lets you remain in control. With a motor home, you can change your plans as they come and decide to spend an extra day in one place or opt to change the plans altogether and drive to a new destination. It gives you the freedom to enjoy new adventures on your time table. You can pack up all your supplies and cook most of your meals to save even more money on your trip.

There are many things to do in your own town or city that costs little or no money. Instead of spending money that you don’t have, enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Take a walk on the beach or a nature walk in the park. Enjoy a sleigh ride or a carriage ride through the city. Visit the museums and then head for ice cream and take in the school play productions that cost a few dollars and help raise funds for the school. Life’s full of wonderful things that are fun, educational and mostly free. Learn to enjoy the simple things that bring your family closer together and create fond memories.

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  • 1. Hashtag Investing  |  August 22, 2017 at 9:45 AM

    I read lot of good reviews about investing a motor home. My family love to travel and this is something to think over with and check the possible budget allocation for this. This is best for vacation with family and I agree that creating fond memories with your spouse and children is something to consider rather than spending too much money with booking in a hotel, and renting car etc

    What company did you purchase your motor home?


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