Grooming Essentials: Budget Tips and How to Pack Bags Before Traveling

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Whether you are traveling for work or leisure, short term or long term stays, by air, automobile or train, it is important to know what to pack to make your travel comfortable and keep you well groomed.

A proper packing checklist should guide you on what to carry and what’s not to bring. It will be a real time saver if you would only bring the essentials and save you the trouble of heavy luggage. Sometimes, excess baggage would result in extra charges when you check-in in the airport.

Rules to Follow Before Packing

Well, there are a few rules to the game when it comes to packing up for those trips.

  1. Only pack what is extremely essential. Avoid carrying items that would be of no use. You may want to consider packing only things that cannot be bought anywhere when you’re on the road or when on air.
  2. Check on the weight and restrictions of your luggage if you are traveling by air. Avoid very heavy items, but instead, opt for smaller quantities that would comply with the airport’s requirement for luggage weight limit. For example, instead of carrying a whole 500ml of lotion you could transfer it to a smaller 100ml container or better yet, purchase one when you arrive at your destination.
  3. Try as much as possible to minimize your bags so that you have a carry-on luggage. Besides the comfort and ease of carrying it around, you can save the stress of losing and/or having to track luggage during your travels.
  4. If you are traveling to a place with sidewalks and tarmacked roads, a bag with wheels would be your best bargain and you won’t have to worry about carrying it on your shoulders
  5. Pick versatile and multifunctional items that would take up minimal space in your bag while serving a variety of purpose.

Now that we’ve discussed the rules, let’s head on and look into the things that you really need for traveling.

  1. Toiletries– your toiletry bag should contain your toothbrush (NOTE: battery powered or electronic powered toothbrushes are quite heavy so opt for the regular ones), toothpaste, travel floss, Q tips, lip balm and wet wipes. You might also want to carry a small roll-on deodorant to keep you smelling fresh all day.
  2. Body cream or lotion– the first option is to transfer smaller amounts in a 100 ml container. Or, if you don’t mind using another brand, hotels usually provide these as a complimentary which will be a perfect money saver, plus hassle-free in transferring liquid contents in a smaller container. Eye creams would be essential for those times when jet lag wreaks havoc on your skin giving you the sleepy eye look.
  3. Hair styling products and cordless hair clippers– a comb and a little quantity of product to style your hair would be necessary for your trips to make sure that you look good at all times. A cordless hair clipper would be necessary too, to keep your beards and mane well-trimmed. This would be very essential if you are scheduled to make a presentation and need to level up your look. To know more about cordless hair clippers be sure to visit Lee’s article about the best cordless hair clippers available in the market today before you travel.
  4. Shoes– a good pair of comfortable shoes and one extra pair would be enough. After all, you could buy another pair if the need arises. Be sure to carry shoes that suit your needs, for example, hiking boots for long treks and hikes and shoes for the formal occasions like business trips or weddings. To care for your shoes get neutral shoe polish or cream that would serve all your shoe colors. A good horsehair brush or soft cloth would also come in handy to keep them shiny. Remember to carry an extra pair of shoelaces too. You never know when the old ones might snap and break.
  5. Sunscreen with high SPF– The weather may be harsh out there and it is always important to stay safe. For skin protection, bring along a good sunscreen with a high SPF so you’d be ready for any weather changes.
  6. Quick-drying travel towel– Go for towels made from lightweight quick-drying cotton that is absorbent and can dry easily. These multifunctional towels can act as a towel, a cover-up while on the beach, scarf or shawl to keep you warm during those chilly evenings.

With these 7 grooming essentials, we’re definitely sure that you’ll have the next perfect holiday or business trip without giving you the difficulties of thinking about what to bring and what not to. Have a safe travel!

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