Tips to Lower Your Healthcare Costs

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The rising cost of healthcare is a significant burden on many households. In 2015, healthcare spending reached $3.2 trillion dollars and is projected to continue to grow at a rate of 5.6% a year through 2025.

Regardless of someone’s personal financial situation, expensive medical treatments and procedures often make it difficult to afford necessary medical care while meeting other financial obligations. This is why it’s always a good idea to look for the most cost-effective ways to receive medical care.

Join the Club to Sign Up for Savings

Getting a prescription filled can be quite costly, even if you have insurance that offers prescription drug coverage. There are a few ways to lower your cost for this particular type of medical care. First, if your doctor writes a prescription for an expensive medication, always ask if there is a lower cost, generic alternative, or another cheaper medication that works as well that you can substitute for the more expensive drug.

Another option that can save you money on your prescriptions is to use a search tool to find the closest drugstore. A simple search like “pharmacy near me” can save you both time and money by allowing you to quickly find the closest location so you don’t have to drive all over town to find a drugstore that has your medication in stock and also accepts your insurance.

A third option is to join a prescription savings club that offers members a discount on their prescriptions. A number of schools, associations and other organizations offer members a discount card that can be used to save money on prescriptions. Chances are great that you already belong to one or more groups that offer their members a way to save on prescriptions and other purchases, so it’s worthwhile to check to see if your membership offers such a discount.

Research Your Local Community Resources

Many communities offer free or low-cost clinics to their citizens. Oftentimes, the rate that you will pay is based on a sliding-scale and is adjusted for income. This can be a great way to help you save on your healthcare costs, especially if you have limited resources and no insurance.

Your local social services department, or even your local health department, should be able to help you learn more about where you can find clinics that offer low cost medical and dental care, as well as help you find out more about other resources that can help you save on your healthcare.

Consider Complementary Therapies and Alternative Treatments for Chronic Issues Such as Pain

It is true that treatment options offered by traditional Western medicine can be very expensive. Complimentary therapies such as chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, osteopathy and naturopathy are all types of alternative medicine that tend to take a more holistic, or “whole body” approach to treating patients.

The definition of alternative medicine is wide-ranging and treatments vary widely. For example, some alternative treatments involve manipulating the spine or other joints, such as in chiropractic and osteopathic medicine, while others use natural methods, such as taking over-the-counter compounds made from herbs and minerals, to help the body heal and restore its normal function.

Some alternative treatments can be just as expensive as treatments offered by traditional Western medicine. However, many of these complementary therapies have been shown to offer rapid relief from pain and other symptoms faster more effectively than some traditional treatments, such as surgery. A shorter recovery time can help patients return to their daily activities and work more quickly and thus save the patient money in the long run.

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