Best Tips for a Freshman to Write College Essays

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How to Deal with All Your College Essays if You Are a Freshman

Life in college can be quite a challenge no matter how much one thinks they are prepared for it. It is a point in life where every young individual aspires to get to. The freedom that one gets is quite intriguing and it makes you yearn for it more and more. The best and worst part of college is the flexibility it offers. However, a great deal of responsibility and time management is required. The life of a freshman is quite fascinating since you are exposed to a new environment and have unlimited freedom. You get to choose everything you want. In the beginning of your college life, there are plenty of assignments given. You may find it a bit difficult since you want to enjoy your college life and also do your assignments on time. Many students fail to complete their assignments early either due to irresponsibility or poor time management.

Possible challenges freshmen can encounter

Students encounter many problems when writing their essays and this can lead to many of you having poor grades. You ought to learn how get good grades in the beginning of your college life since it is at this point where your grades are highly boosted. Some of the problems encountered by freshmen include:

  • The most common problem among many freshmen is time management. Managing one’s time while in college is crucial to writing good essays and finishing one’s assignments on time. A paper written under pressure will always be shallow in how it approaches the topic and also lack coherence.
  • Some freshmen lack the general knowledge of essay writing. You can find it a bit difficult since capturing the concept is one thing and putting it into practice is another. Essay writing is a process and one needs to take each step of the journey seriously. You need to first of all, understand the general or basic structure of an essay before you can develop or grow as a writer.  
  • The idea of writing a perfect essay can also be a problem. As already stated, writing is a process and it takes time to perfect the art. As a young writer, you should not expect to write a perfect essay but should take your time to learn and grow. Using, for example, complex sentences can indeed be a disadvantage for you and you should always stick to the basics.  
  • The introduction is what gives your paper a foundation and a majority of freshmen do not have or include strong introductions. For most freshmen, the introduction is usually plain and lacks a thesis statement. Having a thesis statement is indeed central to writing a good paper.  
  • Most freshmen papers also lack focus. Having a focus means to have a paper that is presenting a certain idea or communicating a certain point. However, a majority of freshmen write essays which lack focus and therefore, often encompass different ideas and arguments. The above makes an essay less interesting and hard to comprehend.
  • Freshmen also do not cite or provide evidence for their arguments. While writing an essay, it is always essential to provide evidence or cite your sources for whichever argument or idea you borrow. However, freshmen often fail to cite their sources and therefore end up writing plagiarized papers.

How to develop your writing skills?

The problems you encounter as a freshman are quite many. While in college, however, I came to realize that there are various steps you can follow to develop your writing skills and have better grades. Some of those steps include:

  • Manage your time well and you will always write and deliver good essays. While in school, I discovered that man’s greatest asset is time. If you use your time well, you will always deliver quality essays. Therefore, seek to always manage your time well and your essays will always be of good quality.
  • Reading other senior students’ essays ought to be your first port of call for guidance. While in college, I came to discover that not everything is taught in class and you should make it a habit to read further despite what is being taught in class. Through reading essays, you can get the basics of writing a good essay and gain more knowledge on writing. You can also buy an essay online and read through it.
  • The idea of having complex sentences in your essay gives room for failure. Writing a good essay is not analogous to using complex sentences. Therefore, strive to always stick to what you know while also making your essays simple. This creates room for improvement and it enables you perfect the art of writing.
  • The introduction of your paper ought to be strong and supported by a strong thesis statement. This gives your essays meaning and inspires the reader to want to read more. Writers at state that a strong thesis statement is indeed vital to writing a quality paper.
  • Ensure your essay has focus. Having focus means that you have an argument which you seek to communicate. Your paper must always have a central idea.
  • Writing a perfect essay requires that you always cite in your paper and provide evidence for your arguments.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, writing is a process and it takes time to grow and develop into a great writer. As a freshman, take your time to learn and grasp the basics of essay writing.

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