Cracking the Happiness Code

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Happiness is the root cause of things working out for you. It’s not, as we often assume, merely an effect. Let’s take the simple act of smiling. It’s a mild way of expressing happiness, unlike, say, a more boisterous means of self-expression, like wittiness or laughter. Generally, you’re likely to smile if you meet a friend or become amused by something, perhaps recalling a joyful memory or hearing a one-liner in a TV sitcom. You smile because you pleased or amused. Something, in other words, has to happen to make you smile, some stimulus, some internal mental event or some external physical event. Smiling appears to be an effect, a response to a stimulus.

However, what would happen if you decided to use a smile as a stimulus, as a cause rather than an effect. What would happen if you smiled at grocery clerks, UPS delivery men, strangers on a bus, lonely men walking their dogs in the evening, and old ladies crossing the street with their walkers? People would smile back, nod, and appear to brighten up almost instantly. Your smile would make the world a kinder and gentler place.

Now, we’re not talking about smiling to simulate happiness. It’s not about advocating “a fake it until you make it” approach. It’s about smiling as an expression of happiness bubbling up from within. So, how do you get to a place where you feel happy enough to smile more often? How do you spark your spirit to lighten up and feel more optimistic? One good place to start would be to make your home feel safer and more comfortable.

Why You Don’t Feel Safe & What To Do About It

The reason you don’t feel safe is due to your imagination. Like most people, you might feel vulnerable, a little concerned about break-ins. The possibility does exist. After all, the FBI keeps statistics on the number of burglaries that occur in the United States.

So, it’s not enough to just snap out of negative imaginative thinking. Instead, the fastest way to feel safe is to do something to feel protected. A quick way to do this is to select one of the ADT systems available, a monitored home security system that will alert you and the authorities if anybody tries to break in.

Think of it as it as a security system for peace of mind. In addition to protecting you from predatory human beings, it can protect you from more elemental dangers, like fire or carbon monoxide leaks.

10 Ways to Feel Happier at Home

Now that you feel safe, what can you do to feel more comfortable in your home?

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Clean up the clutter. It’s a psychological thing. When things are a mess, you feel a little disoriented and confused.
  2. Get more comfortable furniture. It’s time to retire that couch where the springs are poking through the fabric.
  3. Hang up beautiful pictures, images of things that make you happy, like beaches, mountains, people skydiving, white horses running through the breaking surf.
  4. Add more potted plants, as well as add vases with fresh-cut flowers to improve decor and moods.
  5. Stock up your refrigerator with your favorite foods. It doesn’t have to just be comfort foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables can give you a mood lift, too.
  6. Improve the lighting, making your home look brighter, more cheery.
  7. Get a pet if you don’t have one, or get another pet if your pet needs a new friend.
  8. Invite people over more often for dinner, or to watch ball games.
  9. Play more music, or, if you don’t have much of a collection, then begin to build up a collection.
  10. Add more mirrors to your house–so you can smile at yourself more often.

Revising the Happiness Myth

Happiness may be the most misunderstood idea in our culture. Since childhood, we’ve learned to smile when something good happens. Later, happiness was linked to either receiving or achieving something. Yet, here’s the rub: you’ll receive more when you’re happy, and you’ll achieve more when you’re positive. A good place to start feeling happier would be your home. When you love your home, feel safe and secure in it, it’s easier to feel happy.

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