How A Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Fight Drug Charges In Queens

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If you have been convicted of a drug offense in Queens, you might be looking at some substantial jail time and perhaps hefty fines that you may not be able to afford. Making matters worse, hiring an experienced criminal attorney is going to be imperative to minimize the fallout, but they are not inexpensive. The best way to hire a drug defense lawyer Queens is not to base your decision solely on price. If you don’t hire the best, you might end up paying far more in the end.

Since no two criminal cases are the same, finding a criminal defense lawyer in Queens who deals with drug-related charges is going to be integral to your overall defense. If you are thinking of going with the cheapest lawyer, just know that they probably charge less for a reason; either they are overloaded with cases, or they aren’t all that good. So it is best to find an attorney to build the best case possible for your defense.

The ways that defense lawyers can help you fight your drug charges are by:

  • Working with you and the prosecutor to help find a deal that is beneficial to you both. A good criminal lawyer might be able to make a “plea bargain” that can save you fines and jail time. There is also the potential that they might be able to lessen your charges. Often, prosecutors are unwilling to negotiate with defendants themselves.
  • Come to a fair sentencing program for your drug offense. If you are found guilty, a criminal lawyer might be able to work out a system so that you don’t end up back in the same situation that you found yourself in before. For example, instead of spending eight years in prison, your lawyer might be able to get you into a drug rehabilitation program to serve some of your sentence. That might help prevent you from returning to drugs once you are released from prison.
  • Help you through the complexity and the emotional turmoil of a drug trial. Often, defendants feel completely isolated and alone. Having a criminal attorney might be a great support system for you while you are awaiting sentencing and a trial.
  • Give you some good advice. Not all defendants understand the gravity of the charges against them and don’t take their defense seriously enough. If you don’t understand the full force of what you might be facing both in fines and jail time, then you likely won’t be prepared for the consequences of what can happen. A criminal lawyer can prepare you for the worst-case scenario and hope for the best, but at least you will know what you are up against.
  • A criminal attorney can help you figure out how the laws work and what your likely defense is. Legal defense isn’t just about proving you are guilty or not. There are varying degrees of how to build a defense and legal maneuvers that someone who is defending themselves might not understand. If you don’t know the legal loopholes available or how to use them, then you might be doing yourself a disservice and not entering the proper plea for your charges.
  • A criminal lawyer can explain to you what hidden costs might be involved in your case. There are often things like court fees and other fees that defendants have no idea about. If they aren’t able to pay, that can land them in prison. It is important not only that you understand what types of fines you are subject to, but also what else you might be on the hook to pay for. If you don’t account for them, they can really be a hardship and ensure that you can’t pay what you owe.
  • They can help you gather the evidence you need to plead your case. If you are building your own defense, you might not understand what is admissible and what is not. If you want to put on the best defense to fight a guilty plea, then consulting a criminal lawyer is the best way to know what type of witnesses you need and what other types of things will help your case.

If you don’t have the resources to pay for an attorney the court can appoint one to you. Even if you think you can’t afford a criminal attorney to fight your drug charges in Queens, there is a good chance that you can’t afford not to have one. To put on the best defense, you need the advice of a good lawyer, and you need to know how the law works to make it work in your favor.

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