What Administrative Law Is And How To Hire The Best Lawyer For Your Administrative Case

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Legal issues can be very complex. With so many various segments in the law field, administrative law can get lost in the shuffle. If you don’t know what administrative law is, you are not alone. It’s a highly-specialized compartment in legal circles created by departments and agencies of the government, and its sole function is to carry out the laws that have been passed by either the state legislatures or Congress.

When laws are passed, that is just one part of the process. Once a law is passed by Congress, the way that it is interpreted, implemented and enforced can be very complex. Government departments and administrative agencies are responsible for filling in the empty spaces and guiding Congress if they need to pass additional rules or regulations to achieve the initial intent of the law’s passage.

When do people deal with administrative laws and agencies?

When you apply for things like government benefits, you often have to deal with administrative law issues and agencies. For instance, when Congress passed a law that allowed those who are disabled the right to be provided with government assistance, the Social Security Administration was created.

It was set into place so that the law passed by Congress could determine how disability and social security benefits would be calculated, along with the specifics relating to those benefits. Now, the SSA receives all the applications that people fill out to receive disability benefits, and it has the responsibility of defining who is eligible. The agency then works by passing rules and regulations to make sure that only those who are eligible are the ones who get the services they are entitled to.

Other functions of administrative law are things like implementation of laws that affect different components of industry. Government agencies like the Department of Labor, the Environmental Protection Agency, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are all bodies that were created to deal with administrative laws passed by Congress. There are also other government agencies that deal with the implementation and rules and regulations at the state level.

Many businesses and people need to hire lawyers who deal with administrative law to work within the confines of governmental and administrative agencies. For instance, if a person is denied social security benefits, it might be necessary for them to hire an attorney who understands social security eligibility and benefits and how they are structured.

There are also times when companies and businesses need to defend themselves against fines or other penalties they might receive from regulating governmental agencies like the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. As administrative law is a specialty that not all lawyers are well-versed in, should you need to either fight the ruling of an agency or need some help receiving benefits, then it is important that you have a specialist who knows the complexity of the laws.

What to consider when hiring an administrative attorney

There are over 100 different governmental agencies in the US that deal with just about every aspect of citizen life. There are agencies that work with the environment, homeland security, healthcare, and transportation safety – just to name a few. Each operates differently, which is why choosing the right lawyer to work with an agency is integral to winning your case.

Before you hire someone to take care of your administrative issue, make sure that they know the specifics of how to deal with whatever agency you are going up against. The right attorney will not only have connections; they will know how an individual agency operates and how to work within the agency to get the desired result for your case.

When looking for an administrative lawyer, interview many and find out what their specific experience is so that you find the right administrative lawyer Seattle for you. Since government sanctions and penalties can be severe, it is important to find the best representation to fight. Sometimes it can feel like a David and Goliath situation, which is why finding an excellent lawyer is so imperative.

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