Could Your Next Pair Of Stylish Shades Be Green?

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Upcycling is the newest trend in fashion, for everything from clothing to accessories. The idea of “everything old being new again” will persist until the end of time. Retro glasses are all the rage, but the problem with getting them from a resale shop is that they might not have the protection that your eyes need. Sunglasses used to be focused on allowing you to see in the sun; now scientists and health professionals understand that sunglasses are also about protection from UVA and UVB rays.

The good news is that if you still want to be green, you don’t have to recycle those old glasses from the past. You can find new fashionable shades that are made from old materials but protect your eyes, which is critical for eye health. Even better, the new line of bio-glasses aren’t just about reusing materials, but are creating glasses that are eco-friendly for the future too.

3D printing is the newest technology taking over the world of science. Predicted to be the new way to overhaul everything from medicine to industrial equipment, 3D printing might also foster the latest eco-friendly sunglasses trend. Imagine if you could make your fashionable sunglasses out of recycled plastic, old car dashboards and plastic soda bottles. The good news is that you don’t have to imagine; it is real and possible with 3D printing technology.

Not only can you buy sunglasses from a Winnipeg eye care store that can save your vision for the future, but they can also help keep landfills from overflowing and can burn up waste to use in better ways. The Antwerp-based company w.r.yuma might be the first group making printing new eyewear a “thing,” but they undoubtedly won’t be the last. Focusing on making old materials new again, they can make those investing in their eyeglasses look cool too.

Founder Sebastiaan de Neubourg didn’t set out to create a new fashion trend, but he saw a need and went with it. He made sunglasses that are eco-forward and stylish. He went to work consulting fashion experts to create a product that people can feel good about and look good wearing. His sunglasses idea might seem like an ingenious plan, but it actually happened by accident. Founding w.r.yuma in 2015, he has been making his niche market look good and see better ever since.

Maximizing on trendy fashion, de Neubourg decided to make someone’s trash into the fashion world’s treasure. The entire philosophy behind the 3D glasses is to take those things that have no use anymore and make them fashionably new. From dashboards to refrigerators, there isn’t anything that you can’t use to make the glasses of your dreams.

w.r. yuma takes materials that provide the color and function they need to design their glasses to look like high-end retail brands, but they are made completely from recycled materials.

The best part?

The best part about 3D printed glasses is that when the consumer is done with them, they won’t end up in a landfill. The glasses themselves aren’t just made from recycled material; they are also completely recyclable. They are free from chemicals, toxins, and glues used by other glass manufacturers. What you put against your skin gets absorbed into your body. So if you want to save the planet, why not also save your health by investing in glasses that won’t leave behind any harmful residue?

A work in progress, the glasses are still in the concept phase and not yet available to buy, but the potential is right around the corner. If the sunglasses line takes off, then the possibilities for fashionable recycled printed articles are endless. If you are going to invest in awesome sunglasses, make a statement by saving the earth, and in a decade, you can recycle them to make them into the newest trend again and again. Yes, it really is that easy.

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