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There used to be a time when talking on the phone was an isolated activity. Tied to a heavy, corded phone resting on your workspace, it would be difficult to walk while having a conversation. Unfortunately for some office workplaces, this is still the reality.
No matter how much email and other forms of instant messaging may be on the rise, it seems there will always be the phone call. Do you hear this at your workplace?
“Hold please.”
“Can I transfer you?”
“He’s not at his desk right now.”
“She’ll be back soon.”
“How do you spell your last name?”
Being bounced around to different people or holding for a while isn’t a positive impression for your customers. A virtual phone system allows you to have better access to your calls and messages – and save a lot of money in the process.
Embracing technology is a great way to begin to reduce operational costs for your business, whether big or small. Resources like virtual phone systems are designed to help your company prosper. These systems come with a plethora of benefits. With features that are designed to accommodate your needs as an organizational manager and as part of a team, you’ll soon wonder how you could ever communicate without your virtual phone system.
What is a virtual phone system?
virtual phone system allows you to handle all your calls, voicemails and other messages through a single app connected to the cloud. Rather than a physical desk phone, virtual phone systems provide an online admin app that lets you manage phone numbers and allows employees to make and receive calls right from their smartphone!
How do virtual phone systems work?
With a menu system designed for your company, customers will easily be able to find the department they’re looking to contact without being transferred to 10 different people. The employee then can answer or respond to the call right from their smartphone. If you miss a call, many virtual phone systems will send you a text version of the voicemail you received right to your email. Listening to and responding to your important messages just got a whole lot easier.

What is the best phone system? 

Grasshopper gets our vote and is known for being affordable and fitting for your small business. Unlike other services that provide your organization with multiple phone numbers for your various departments and employees, Grasshopper provides one number for your company. Each employee then gets their own unique extension.
When a customer calls the main line, they’re directed to enter the extension of the employee to whom they’d like to speak. The employee then will receive the call on the app on their smartphone so they can easily and conveniently answer the call. For the employee to make a call, all they need to do is launch the app on their smartphone, dial a number and start talking.
A unique feature of Grasshopper is that they rely solely on the cell network for all inbound and outbound calls, which tends to make calls more reliable. With Grasshopper, you get access to toll-free numbers, vanity numbers and local numbers to help you maintain that professional image.
Monthly plans with Grasshopper starts at just $12/mo with pay as you go calling and one phone number with unlimited extensions. Want to bring your small business to the next level of staying connected whenever and wherever? Check out Grasshopper and save big with our Grasshopper discount code! Features

Check out these great benefits a virtual phone system can bring to your workplace:
Lower cost
One of the biggest benefits of utilizing a virtual phone system is saving money. It can take a big part of your budget to set up and maintain your various phone lines and systems. With a data network that doesn’t require extensive hardware to buy, install and maintain, you can save a lot of money – and time.
In a busy day, you’re probably not always at your desk, ready to answer your phone at any moment. You’re in meetings, you’re running to the printer – you’ve got a lot going on. With an integrated virtual phone system, you can have access to your calls whenever and wherever you are. Your calls will be instantly transferred to your mobile device. Even voicemails and faxes can be directed right to your email account so you never miss a message.
Be Professional
Whether you’re working from a coffee shop or at your desk, you can maintain that professional image with virtual phone systems. Your non-traditional small business can appear organized and professional. You can also create your own personalized voicemail recordings to help make that personal connection with your customers who you want to get in touch with.
Easy Set-Up
No need to wait hours to set up and connect all phones with long cords. Virtual phone systems make it fast and easy to set up the app, choose your phone number, create your custom, friendly greeting, add other departments and employees and start sending and receiving calls to get your business rolling.
Other Things to Consider
What communication features are you looking for?
Are you looking for a service that not only lets you manage phone calls but also your video calls, messaging, webinars and virtual meetings? Some virtual phone systems allow you to coordinate all your communication services with just one monthly plan. These various communication outlets let you reach your customers where they are.
Do you need integration with other cloud services?
Some virtual phone systems make it quick and easy to connect to other cloud services so that you can always be connected to your most important information and workspaces.
Each virtual phone system comes with their own set of features, which allows for services to appeal to various price points. Monthly plans are based per user and are often in the range of $12-$30. Check out various systems to find out what features and prices match with what you’re looking for. And, if you’re looking for an effective, inexpensive and quality system for your small business, may be the choice for you. Don’t forget that you can save with a $75 coupon code.

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