Picking the Right Home Warranties

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Home warranties are one of the most underrated protections in the world. Think about the costs of home systems and appliances – lots of investments to make. Take a moment to consider a new-age way of managing home systems: smart home automation. According to various industry authorities on the subject, the national average cost of installing a home automation system is $1,207. Since we are already in the digital smart home stage of the Internet of things, it’s important to add this element to the notional concept of a home warranty. Today, thermostats, refrigerators, stoves, and microwaves are all capable of added convenience, security, user-friendliness, and money-saving functionality thanks to smart home features.

If you’re still running on a traditional model, your home still requires a washer and dryer, stove, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal unit, etc. When these systems and appliances are new, you don’t have too much to worry about since they are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. However, after that warranty has expired, the chances of these systems experiencing problems is likely to increase. That’s when a home warranty becomes a home necessity. Here are some of the costs of systems and appliances for US households:

  • Refrigerator – $1400
  • Water Heaters – $1,250
  • Electric System – $1,050
  • Air-Conditioning – $2,500
  • Garbage Disposal – $349
  • Laundry Appliances – $780
  • Garage Door Openers – $300
  • Dishwashers and Ovens – $875

The repair costs for these items will vary from approximately $93 for garbage disposal units on the low end to $290 for air-conditioning units on the high-end. The more expensive a unit is to purchase, the greater the repair costs. That’s why items like AC and heating systems, water heaters, laundry appliances, heating systems, refrigerators, and dishwashers, ovens and high-quality microwaves can set you back a pretty penny.

The costs for repairing appliances also depends on where you live, and how many quotes you get before accepting a technician to come out and do the work. It is always important to ask whether their fees include the service fee, the parts needed to fix the system/appliance, and the labor charges.

The average cost of appliance repair in the United States is $170, with low-end figures at $105 and high-end figures at $236. If the appliance is accessible, it may be easier for the technician to repair, and cheaper too. Another point that needs to be considered with home systems and appliances is the availability of parts for the device. Anything that is in limited supply or outdated will be subject to higher repair and maintenance costs.

How can you protect your home systems and appliances with the right home warranty?

In the United States, there are multiple home warranty providers in every state. This makes it somewhat challenging to pick one that will work for you. Fortunately, leading home warranty aggregator platforms provide a wealth of options for clients seeking the most affordable, and comprehensive home warranty plans. From the west to the east, and the north to the south, your home warranty options are truly diverse.

For example, residents of Arkansas typically spend a lot of time conducting market research for the best home warranty companies in the state. Among them are the following renowned home warranty providers: Select Home Warranty, Choice Home Warranty, Total Home Protection, American Home Guard, America’s First Choice Home Club, First American Home Buyers Protection, HSA – The Right Home Warranty, Total Protect, HMS Home Warranty, Secure Home Warranty and others.

Choose the Right Home Warranty Provider for Your State

Residents of the state of Arkansas must deal with a lot of humidity, moisture, and extremes in weather. For example, the state receives 50 inches of rain every year, according to the Prism modelling system. This makes Arkansas home warranties an absolute must-have. This state is also subject to extremely high temperatures in summer, and that’s when air-conditioning units typically go on the blink. It’s not only people living in the metropolis that need to worry about system and appliance failure, it’s also people living out in villages and small towns too.

It’s also important to point out that home warranty providers may have a national reputation, but that doesn’t mean that they offer their services in your state. Arkansas home warranties should carefully be evaluated for their range of coverage, affordability of plans, and user reviews. One way to do this is aggregator home warranty review platforms, and others include objective resources such as TrustPilot to get an understanding of the user experience. All in all, it’s better to put a little more effort into reviewing the services of home warranty providers so that you don’t get stuck with a company that refuses to pay out when things go on the blink.


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