The silver market has changed in the last few years. Not that long ago, silver was an opportunity to take advantage of extreme volatility, with prices going through years-long upswings followed by years of stagnation. Anyone who bought silver at the right time and sold off when prices peaked stood to make a lot of money. Investors sat on silver investments waiting for stock markets to take a turn for the worse, which in the past has led to rising silver prices.

Today, more investors are looking at silver because of its supply and demand fundamentals. Industrial demand for silver remains strong while production is drastically shrinking. Low prices continue to keep mining companies out of silver production to the point that more silver is now consumed every year than produced. That’s eating into global silver supplies. Because silver is irreplaceable in many industrial uses, industrial demand could break low silver prices and benefit investors.

If you’re looking for modern ways to invest your money, silver might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Silver Bars and Silver Coins

The easiest and safest way to invest in silver remains buying silver bars and silver coins. Unlike other silver investments, silver bullion will track exactly to the price of silver. There are zero third-party risks, you’re not investing in the management of an exchange-traded fund or mining company, and you can hold silver bullion in your hands. You can quickly and easily buy silver bars and silver coins from silver dealers like Silver Gold Bull, which operate online and have a large inventory of bullion products. The only downside to silver bars and silver coins is paying for storage, though other trading options also come with fees. You can reduce premiums over spot by buying larger quantities or finding out how your payment method can get you discounted premiums through Silver Gold Bull.

Silver ETFs

Silver ETFs are investing in exchange-traded funds that own silver. They are not the same as a position in silver and their values do not always track exactly with the price of silver, sometimes trading at a premium or at a discount, but they are very close. While ETFs don’t come with storage costs, they have their own fees. You can expect to pay somewhere in the ballpark of a 0.5% expense ratio expense on silver ETFs. The real advantage of investing in silver ETFs is ease of trading, making it easier for you to trade in and out with the movement of silver. However, if you buy and sell silver with a responsive silver dealer that offers good prices for silver bullion, you can also be an active silver investor with silver bars and coins.

Silver Mining Stocks

Another indirect way to invest in silver prices is to buy silver mining stocks, which are highly exposed to silver prices. You’re also investing in the operations of a mining company. For example, a poor result from exploration or a mining accident could devalue the stock even while silver prices are trending upward.

The most reliable and direct way to invest in silver is always buying silver bullion like silver bars. There are ways to keep your costs down and make silver bullion the smartest way to invest in silver.