8 Skin Care Tips And Ideas

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Want better skin that is going to help you look good and feel great – then read on and learn how to achieve it.

1. Exfoliate

Although many people may not know this, our bodies shed off dead skin cells. The dead skin cells do not, however, detach themselves, but instead remain in their position until you wash them off, or exfoliate. The dead skin cells can block skin pores having some adverse effects on your skin health. Exfoliating gets rid of these cells leaving the fresh, luminous, and softer skin exposed. Although many people prefer using natural exfoliating agents (for obvious reasons) using a leave on chemical exfoliator can help get rid of the dead skin much faster, and even assist in deep skin cleansing. Some products that use glycolic and other natural acids that help perform deep cleansing, to remove debris, dirt, bacteria, and oil from deep inside the skin. You’ll however need to apply sunscreen immediately after using a leave-on chemical to protect the exposed cells from UV rays.

2. Apply Some Sunscreen

While basking in the morning or evening sun may be beneficial, leaving the skin exposed to direct sunlight for too long can have many adverse effects.  Sunrays may have UV rays which cause damage to skin cells, affect blood vessels, affect complexion, as well as lead to the formation of dark spots. Putting on sunscreen with at least 50 SPF can however help keep skin cells protected even on a cloudy day. According to Mayo Clinic, 80% of the harmful UV rayspass through clouds, one of the reasons you need to apply sunscreen each time you are heading out. You need to apply sunscreen whether it is cloudy or not, including during winter.

3. Enjoy Steamy Sex

Having sex as much as you can with your partner is also good for your skin. For starters, sex is a physical activity that causes you to sweat. Sweating helps the body get rid of some of the toxic compounds. In addition to this, having steamy sex helps tighten the skin, increase the production of growth hormones, and even reduce the risk of development of wrinkles and fine lines. The body also releases oxytocin during sex. This compound is necessarily needed to counteract cortisol, the primary stress hormone. High levels of cortisol in the bloodstream lead to the breakdown of collagen, which again leaves your skin less elastic and dry. Getting active in the bedroom is therefore a whole affair for your skin.

4. Exercise

Exercising not only helps increase lung capacity but also stimulates increased blood circulation to skin cells. The improved flow of blood to skin cells means nutrients and oxygen are availed on time, and toxins removed from the same. This reduces the risk of inflammation as the body gets to product some endorphins while you work out.  

5. Go Easy On Makeup

Too much makeup isn’t good for your skin health. Applying a healthy layer of makeup makes it almost impossible for the skin to breathe. If possible. Go slow on the makeup and only use the lightest lick of make-up to avoid clogging skin pores. Go for loose powder if you have to use makeup.  If you do this it may cause acne and in turn acne scars and then you will need a service such as http://www.dore.sg/acne-scar-removal/

6. Be Creative With Facial Mask

Choosing the right facial mask to apply just before going to bed can help enrich your skin cells.  This is the reason you need to go for facial masks enriched with cocoa or shea butter and other healthy nutrients for a more youthful skin.  

7. Eat Well

Having nutritious and healthy meals is beneficial to your skin. Focusing on lean proteins, vitamins, minerals, and vitamins through proper dieting is much better than junk foods. For the best skin, ditch fast and processed foods for organic, healthy foods.

8. Practice Deep Breathing

Deep breathing enables you to take in more oxygen, which also increases your lung capacity. In addition to this, the extra oxygen comes in handy in combating stress, headache, and fights aging. Learning to manage stress is beneficial for you too.

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