Selling a property is often a lot more work than homeowners realize. When you’re ready to move into a new property, one might assume that getting rid of the old one is just as easy as posting a for sale ad and waiting for the offers to come in. It isn’t until their house has been sitting on the market for several months that they realize it could take a bit more effort. If you’re going to get your home sold faster and for the highest amount possible, you’ll need a little creativity and a bit of cash to invest. Here are some big and small changes you can make to get the offer you want for your house.

Big Investments

If your budget allows, there are some significant investments you can make throughout your home that can make a huge difference to buyers. As buyers are looking to move into a home with few issues and aesthetic appeal, you might consider some of the following:

Kitchen Remodel – The kitchen, for many families, is one of the most commonly used rooms in the home. This is where meals will be made and conversations will be had. To draw the buyer’s attention, it is recommended that you consider upgrading your kitchen. You can work with service providers like GKandB who specialize in kitchen remodel San Mateo areas and in many other locations across California. They can do full renovations which can include expanding the area, installing cabinets and countertops, and installing new kitchen floors, or they can do minor renovations like adding backsplash, painting, replacing the countertops, etc.

Replacing the Siding – If your home lacks curb appeal and its exterior seems to be hanging on for dear life, you may want to do something about that. If buyers are driving past your house and they don’t like what they see outside, the definitely won’t be encouraged to take a look inside. Replacing the siding can be a huge investment that pays off in the end.

Deck Addition – Do you have a large outdoor space that’s a blank canvas? Give home buyers something to look forward to by creating an extension of the home outside. A deck or patio can be just the addition they need to imagine themselves entertaining and enjoying the yard in the spring and summer time.

Little Investments

If you’re selling your old home and moving into a new one, chances are you’re strapped for cash right now. Don’t fret as there are still ways you can sell your home fast and for top dollar. These tasks listed below may seem minor, but can make all the difference in whether a buyer is willing to make an offer:

Paint – A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to selling a property. If the paint throughout your house is chipping, appears dingy, or is just too bold for the average person, you can repaint. Applying a neutral color is great for buyers who can easily make it work with their personal style and decor.

Home Automation Controls – Automating the appliances in your home is a quick and easy way to add value. Search for a clean and sleek home automation controller that is affordable and easy to install. If possible, choose a controller with a user friendly app that will make configuration and setup a breeze.

Lawn Care – Remember, when selling your house curb appeal is everything. You don’t want someone to see a photo of your house and it looks unkempt outside. Basic lawn care like cutting the grass, pulling weeds, trimming trees and shrubs, and perhaps planting a few flowers can really bring out the look and feel of your home and attract more buyers.

Knobs, Handles, and Fixtures – There’s something about the feeling of a new space that seems to interest most hopeful homeowners. If you can’t afford to replace doors and cabinets throughout your house, it may be worth it to invest in new knobs, handles, and fixtures. Installing a new faucet and placing new knobs in the bathroom, for instance, can make the entire space feel new.

If you want to sell your house fast for top dollar, you have to start thinking like the buyer. You want to create a space that is move-in ready and feels like home to the average person. Start by reviewing your budget to see what you can afford and then make a decision on which big and little projects you’d like to invest in. You’ll be surprised at the many offers you get and how quickly you get your asking price – or more.