The Best Tactics To Grow Your Painting Business

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A commercial painting business is just that – a business. The key to increasing your bottom line is to grow your painting company in Winnipeg from a one-person operation into a full-blown money-making machine. But that doesn’t happen overnight. Nor does it happen without hard work, commitment, and using the right tactics to get ahead. The point is to work smarter, not harder, to grow your business. Try these great tips to take your painting business to a whole new level.

The commercial painting business is a competitive one, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be out ahead of the competition. If you play your cards right, you will have people seeking you out instead of always searching for the next painting job.

Use your customer list

If you aren’t keeping track of your customers and using them to your advantage, you are missing out on a lot of jobs. If you give an estimate, it is important that you follow up with them to ask if they have any concerns or if they would like further details, like referrals. Putting in the extra effort to let each potential client know that you care about their business, and that you are going to follow through, will put you ahead of the competition.

Often, homeowners have a hard enough time getting people even to come out to give estimates – much less follow up with them to see if they have made a decision, and to let them know that you care about their business.

Keeping track of all clients, whether they have chosen you yet or not, is an excellent way to win jobs over your competitors. Regardless of whether you have five or 50 jobs, attention to small details like keeping good customer lists is integral to gaining leverage and building a successful company.

Go high-tech

If you want to present yourself as professional, then you will want to make a good impression by giving the impression that you are “with it.” Using things like social media, email marketing, and other forms of advertising are an excellent way to keep up with the times and to gain exposure. Choosing a logo and brand is one of the most important things you can do, so that when you do go high-tech and start to gain brand recognition, you provide your niche market with what they need to find you.

Conjure up old clients

It is easy for people to misplace your card, or if it has been a while, for them to wonder if you are even still around when they need more work done. If you keep in contact and conjure up old clients that you had a good rapport with, then you are more likely to be hired for any more work they need to have done. It is also a good way to be in the forefront of their mind in case they are asked for a referral. Don’t let them forget about what a good painter you are or what a great painting job you did.

Make connections

Tradespeople stick together. If you want to grow your business, start to make connections with successful and reputable tradespeople in your community. Connect with plumbers and electricians as well as builders. If you have a large network of people who recommend you, then you are not only targeting homeowners, but also new construction companies and other whole markets that you might not have been tapping into in the past.

Create goals

The only way to know how to get somewhere is to know where you are going. If you want to grow your business, you not only have to have a plan of action, you have to set goals to achieve them. Setting goals will make you more apt to stay on track and to go the extra mile that it takes to make your company grow.

If you want to have a successful painting business, you have to tackle it from all sides. It doesn’t just stop at doing a good job; sometimes you have to work behind the scenes as well in order to increase your client base and get the results you want.

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