Medical bills are among the largest causes of debt. In fact,one in five insured Americans has reported having trouble making medical bill payments. If you sustain injuries in a car accident, you may end up with astronomical medical bills that can have devastating financial consequences on your life, especially if your injuries have rendered you unable to return to work. However, it is possible to save money on your medical bills and drastically reduce the amount that you have to pay.

If you live in a “no fault” state, your automobile insurance provider will be required to pay some, or all of your medical bills. Your health insurance will likely pick up a portion of the bills as well. However, if you live in a state that isn’t a “no fault” state, then you’ll probably carry more of the financial burden. An attorney can help you earn the compensation you deserve for your injuries, but if you decide not to hire an attorney, there are things you can still do to reduce the financial burden.

Compare Prices

Comparing prices is far more viable for minor injuries. When you’ve suffered serious injuries in an accident, prompt medical care will likely be required and you won’t have the time to shop around. Many people don’t consider shopping around for better prices when it comes to medical care, but you may find a wide variation in the amount that you pay for medications or medical treatments from one provider to another.

Compare prices of pharmacies, chiropractors, physical therapists and any other ongoing treatment you may need because of your accident. You may be surprised at how much you can save just by knowing all your options.

Review Your Medical Bills

Taking the time to review all the information on your medical bills may save you money. If you ask for an itemized bill and review all the services and procedures listed, you may find that you are being billed for things that were never done or medications that weren’t dispensed. Items on a bill may be inadvertently duplicated or billed at a higher amount than agreed to. Make sure the billing is accurate and dispute any items that you believe are incorrect.

Negotiate Your Medical Bills

If you are being billed thousands of dollars that you know you are not going to be able to pay, you may be able to negotiate with hospitals or doctors to accept a lower amount if you’re willing to pay a percentage of the balance owed immediately. This is not an option that many people think about, but insurance companies negotiate lower rates for services all the time, and individuals have the right to do the same. You may be able to pay half the total amount due or less by taking this approach.

Request a Payment Plan

Medical providers are often open to accepting monthly payments from people without charging any kind of finance charge. Having a payment plan makes facing a pile of medical bills a lot easier than thinking about trying to pay off large balances all at once.

Accidents are both physically and financially draining. However, you can reduce the financial stress by taking charge of your expenses to help prevent them from getting out of hand. You can significantly reduce the amount of your medical bills by following these tips.

About the author: Travis Patterson is a car accident lawyer based out of Fort Worth, Texas. Travis dedicates his time and effort to ensuring those who have been injured receive the access to justice they deserve.