Rediscovering Peace in the Bustle of a Thriving City

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A plethora of developers have proposed a £4m-plus public realm scheme to include a Peace Garden in Manchester City Centre.

Over £65m over the next five years will be placed into the renovation of new and refurbished buildings in Lincoln Square. Landowners who are already investing have teamed up with Manchester City Council to contribute £1.2m to the project with an aim to transform Lincoln Square into a place to welcome the people of Manchester into an area of relaxation and tranquillity.

According to a planning and consultation document prepared by Deloitte Real Estate, “the area currently represents a missed opportunity to fulfil its original intention as a missing link between Spinningfields, the Central Business District, the Civic Quarter and beyond.

“The proposal represents a rare opportunity to provide a £4m worth of private investment to act as a driver for improved commercial opportunity in the area by creating a strong identity, a new destination and a place that people want to embrace as their own.”

Postgraduate students from Manchester School of Architecture worked closely with Manchester Metropolitan Universityand the University of Manchester to help shape the design of Manchester’s proposed new peace garden. Ranking 6thbest in the world and 2ndbest in the UK, they were given a week to devise proposals for a new-look space.

Working in close collaboration with the Friends of Manchester Peace Garden, who campaigned to get the garden re-instated, as well as a design practice Planit-IE, who were recently appointed to deliver the public realm of the area, 36 students worked in groups over an intensive week to explore how the word ‘peace’ might be translated.

The groups presented their proposals to a panel of judges. The winning proposal presented an oval reflecting pool semi-enclosed by a wall with a continuously flowing waterfall focused on ‘peace’ as a state of mind by interpreting equilibrium, contemplation and protection.

Their efforts were praised for simplicity, strength and professional vision of an icon for the city centre and a space to collect thoughts and enter deep contemplation -a perfect symbol of a regeneration after a disaster.

The town hall says it wants to make the run-down area, just off Albert Square, a ‘place to spend time in its own right’.

Trees will be planted from the trees of a Ginkgo tree damaged in the Hiroshima nuclear bomb that regrew that following year, intending to portray a ‘regeneration after the disaster, and of peace’.

Lincoln Square was a named is a tribute to the Grade II Listed statue placed in its centre, given to Britain as a symbol of 100 years of peace between the US and Britain and placed in Manchester due to its support for the abolition of slavery.

The council wants the space to become a retreat between Deansgate and the town hall, to become a place that one can admire and reflect whilst passing through on their daily commute to Spinningfields.

Plans for Lincoln Square, not only provide a space of serenity but also help complement a much larger private sector investment taking place in the new and refurbished buildings surrounding the square. Restaurants and cafes will be encouraged to take advantage of a new thriving area of the city and ultimately aim to create more than 3,000 jobs. Property companies like RWInvest are making the most of Manchester’s emerging presence on the property scene and surrounding buildings around the square have the potential to accommodate business professionals interested in urban living.

Lincoln Square is an idyllic retreat nestled amongst Manchester’s scurrying streets. A premium public square in the heart of the city centre.

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