The 14 Best Gifts for the Music Lover

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Holidays come and go. Celebrations come and go. But family and friends are there with you, through thick and thin. There is a trail of holidays coming. There is something about gifting a person in a manner that says, I know you very well.” What are you going to get to that music lover in your life? Here are a number of gifting ideas to your music lover.

  1. Logitech Bluetooth receiver

Your music lover might be having an old radio system sitting somewhere in the basement because it cannot stream music to other devices. There is a new Logitech Bluetooth receiver which simply can be plugged into an old radio.

The gadget has the capability to pair multiple devises at the same time. Therefore, with this guy, your music lover can interchange between devices, whether mobile or not.

  1. AudioQuest Red

Ear plugs provide various experiences to your music lover. Some plugs output stereo, while others mono output. None out there that have the capability to amplify the output. AudioQuest will pick output from any gadget, whether mobile or not. Get this guy to our audiophile and he/she will thank you forever.

  1. Sony MDR

In the age of wireless headphones, it is easy for people to disregard old ones. However, little do people know that Sony MDR with a code gives quality and clear output just like recent ear plugs. This is definitely one of the best headphones to get your loved one for less than $100.

  1. Belkin Audio

Your music lover could be wondering where headphone jacks went to. He may be looking for one. Surprise him with a dongle that will enable him/her to multi-task. With the Belkin Audio dongle, the can now play their music to the amplifier and at the same time charge the phone.

version of Spotify at $3.99.0 per month. He will be the happiest person on the truck or running trail.

  1. Spotify

Your music lover may be wanting to be able list his music on his phone for workout. Does list music. However, it doesn’t list offline, unless you get the premium version. Get your loved one a premium version of Spotify at $3.99.0 per month. He will be the happiest person on the truck or running trail.

  1. Garage Band

Does your music lover need appreciate music creation? Music creation needs some instruments to create. One of those is the piano. If he/she is an aspiring piano learner, then apple devices, especially the iPhone and iPad have Garage Band. In there is a piano that has a number of preinstalled tutorials.

  1. 1001 albums

Your friend might be in love with workout music. However, his/her choice of music might be limited. Broaden your friend’s music list by sharing with him/her with a book with album lists. There is this book called 1001 albums. Get your friend this book and they will have more choices to select from.

  1. Music notes map

One of the instruments that people love to play is the guitar. Yet this is one of the toughest instruments to learn. The first thing to learn is the music notation. This map has music notation on the background. This will help your music lover take guitar lessons ery easy.

  1. A Music bangle

Still on guitar lessons; guitar 101 requires one to learn the ins and outs’ of music language. This hand bangle is a constant tutor and reminder for the music lover friend to always acquaint themselves with details about music.

  1. Portable music stand

While desiring more about guitar lessons, new learners are enthusiastic about the notes, music reading. Therefore, it is important that you make this as easy for them as possible so that they don’t lose morale. The portable music stand will make learning easy for them as they train themselves to read music.

  1. Bluetooth iPod Ear Plugs

Apple has released new ear plug or iPod. These iPod ear plugs are Bluetooth enables and are compatible with iPhones as well. These are good for both indoor and outdoor workout.

  1. Google PixelBuds

Your music lover friend must be tired of pulling his iPhone from the phone each time he wants to navigate through the controls. Google has produced these ear pieces that are operated wirelessly through touch and holding down for some time. They are so far one of the best wireless ear buds for jogging.

  1. Thicksound

Commonly these ear buds are loved by travelers. However, they do also fit runners who like ear buds that are tight fitting.

  1. A guitar pick

Guitar learners give up on lessons and practice too quickly because their fingers hurt so bad after two days of playing. Therefore, a simple and personalized plastic or leather guitar pick is such a sigh of relief for them.

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