My son was recently invited to a birthday party at a local gym. He’s been invited to Pump-It-Up parties, soccer parties, Chuck-E-Cheese parties, theme based parties and really simple parties held at his friend’s homes. He’s attended super laid-back parties with very few parent-designed activities. If the kids sing Happy Birthday and eat cake than the parents consider it a successful soiree. On the flip side he’s been to parties where parents have spent days contemplating and planning a plethora of activities complete with dress up clothes and theme oriented party favors. As soon as you walk in the door of those events you can just tell that every detail has been examined and architected to ensure the guests have a good time.

The truth is you just never know what to expect at a kid’s birthday party. While every parent wants their child and his or her friends to have a good time it’s impossible to know how it will all unfold. When you throw a whole bunch of four, five and six year olds together in a room chaos can quickly ensue.

It turns out that a gym is the perfect place for a birthday party. After all, if things are going to get rowdy what better place to host a party then a giant room filled with equipment that kids can swing and flip over. What better way to release that excess energy and let it all melt away? Within seconds of walking in the door my son was racing off to the tallest gymnastics equipment. He was walking on balance beams, swinging on bars and leaping from mat to mat like a frog trying to reach his next lily pad. Midway through the party a staff member rolled out an inflatable track that all of the excited party goers could tumble on. The kids’ eyes lit up as they awaited the inflation process and watched the mat expand before their very eyes.

Once fully inflated the children began running, skipping and tumbling and could barely wait the required minute or two until their next turn. When I mentioned how much fun the kids were having a staff member recommended buying an air tumble track for home.

Curiosity got the better of me and I immediately wanted to look up the cost and dimension of these products. There are cheap air tracks and extremely expensive ones, but most homeowners won’t want anything too large. If you want to keep the size manageable a small air track will most likely suit your needs. And if you buy one of these your child’s next gym party might take place in your own backyard!