Moving to Edmonton? Here are 5 Neighborhoods to Consider

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Unless you already know where you want to live, one of the most challenging parts of house-hunting is in deciding which neighborhoodx to pick. This is especially true when you’re browsing real estate listings in Edmonton as there are just too many great options available.

What makes things worse is that almost every real estate website will tell you a different thing. A quick search online will show you that every real estate authority will have a different list of the best neighborhoods. While this shouldn’t be too surprising since everyone has their own preferences, it can still be a bit annoying for a lot of home buyers as they can confuse you all the more.

So to help simplify your search, we’ve compared several lists and came up with five neighbourhoods that they all agree to be great places to live in. As every expert list has its own priorities and preferences, the fact that these places showed up in multiple lists means that they can offer a lot of great things.

Central McDougall

Located just north of the downtown core, this residential neighborhood offers proximity to a lot of things which makes it a very excellent choice for a neighborhood. It’s near libraries, public transportation, schools, and even hospitals. Practically everything is within reach, so it will be a convenient place to live in.

Real estate properties are also relatively low-priced in the area. This makes it an attractive option for young buyers and those who are on a tight budget but aren’t willing to live too far from the downtown area.


Sitting in the northwest portion of Edmonton is the neighbourhood of Woodcroft. It’s home to the Coronation Park, Westmount Centre, the Telus World of Science, and a branch of the Edmonton Public Library. It’s also unique as it’s composed of a combination of residential and light industrial properties.

This neighborhood has the essential amenities you’ll need to live comfortably. It has schools, recreational facilities, jobs, and other necessities that will make it a convenient place to live in. House prices are very friendly, too, so it can definitely be a great choice for a permanent neighborhood.


Being one of the oldest neighborhoods in Edmonton, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Oliver is also one of the most populated as well. It’s one of the most developed areas in the locale which gives it an interesting history and charm. It sits just west of the downtown core, so it’s also near everything.

However, a lot of Oliver’s residents are quite mobile. This means that if you want to know everyone near you, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a hard time doing so in this neighbourhood as they tend to move a lot.

Queen Mary Park

Originally a part of the Hudson Bay Company reserve, the Queen Mary Park is a residential neighborhood that is found just outside the downtown core. It’s made up of a primarily young community aged 29 to 40 which shouldn’t be too surprising as the area is also mostly occupied by renters.

Most properties in the area, however, are constructed in the 1950s. They’re quite affordable, so they’re still very attractive options to a lot of homebuyers.


As its name suggests, this neighborhood is found just west of the downtown core. Development started in 1910, and it catered primarily to young professionals of the era. Because of this, you can also find a lot of historical homes in the area, a lot of which are charming FourSquare or Craftsman style homes.

Hailed as one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Edmonton, it’s also home to a few charming shops and the beautiful Westmount Park.

These are just a few of the neighborhoods that experts recommend as the best neighborhoods in Edmonton. Check their listings out for yourself and you might just find an excellent property that you’d love to call home.


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